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Alarming: A Lot of Young Adults Consider the Internet A Moral Influence

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It’s election season, which explains the higher-than-usual incidence of poll-pegged stories we’re seeing in our inbox. And hey, guess what? The Internet now has cultural relevance beyond enabling politicians to send citizens pics of their junk.

And so The Atlantic wound up with a couple of interesting little factoids, as part of its massive state-of-the-union study (co-commissioned by the Aspen Institute). The most alarming? Lots of youths are letting the Internet influence their ideas about morality.

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Dear Startup Abbey

New York Times Ethicist Address the Morality Getting Your Startup Funding From Wall Street


As Betabeat has been pointing out, Occupy Wall Street presents sort of a gray area for Startupland. Sure, both parties waive their anti-corporate banner proudly and the rhetoric of disruption can be used interchangeably. But bootstrapped, self-interested Ayn Rand-o-philes and Zuccotti Park’s concern with economic inequality don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye.

Thankfully higher authorities have decided to weigh in on one problematic area. In fact, the entire Ethicist column in this weekend’s New York Times magazine is devoted to it.

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