The Final Frontier

This Man Will Sell You a Patch of the Moon for $19.99 (Plus a Lunar Tax)

(Photo: Moon Shop)

Dennis M. Hope is in real estate, but not of the earthly sort. He’s actually been selling properties on the moon, Mars and other planets since 1980 from his office in Gardnerville, Nevada.

This weekend, The New York Times ran a short documentary about Mr. Hope and his lunar real estate business, which is of questionable legal standing. Mr. Hope believes that he owns the moon due to a legal loophole in Article Two of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Read More

Space the Final Frontier

The European Space Agency Is Working on 3D-Printed Moon Houses

Cozy! (Photo: Foster + Partner)

From the continent that brought you IKEA comes the latest in lunar home fabrication. In the hopes of eventually landing some folks on Earth’s satellite, the European Space Agency has organized a consortium tasking with figuring out how to 3D print habitations on the moon’s surface using lunar soil. One of the members, London-based architectural firm Foster + Partners, announced yesterday they’ve drawn up a design for a four-person base.

It looks eerily like the dugout where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived in On the Banks of Plum Creek. But hey, it’s not like the studio apartment you’re living in now is so spacious. Read More