Google Will Make Glass Available to Anyone With the Cash For One Day Only

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If you’ve been dying to wear the Internet on your face but weren’t chosen to be a Google Glass Explorer, consider your social life saved your chance has finally arrived.

For April 15 only, Google will make the “Explorer” version of Glass — previously only available to select geeky recipients — available to all of us plebes. The Glass will go on sale online at 9 a.m. next Tuesday, available to anyone with U.S. citizenship and a casual $1,500 to shell out. Read More

Planet Reddit

Reddit Back In The Red: Site To Give 10% Of Ad Revenue To Charity

Making money is cool. (Getty)

On Friday, Reddit made an announcement that it would be donating ten percent of its 2014 ad revenue to charity.

According to a blog post by Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, Reddit will calculate its ad revenue at the end of the year, and then let Redditors nominate and vote on the non-profits they’d most like to support. Once the community has determined its top ten non-profits — and yes, Reddit reserves the right to ignore all suggestions from trolls, the post says — the site will distribute the funds proportionally among the winning charities, based on how many votes each one received. Read More

Mo Money Mo Problems

Better Un-Friend Your Scummier Buds Because They Could be Hurting Your Chances for a Loan

Guess this means no more Scumbag Steve memes? (Photo:

Applying for a loan is annoying–the paperwork, the waiting, the vague fear that the financial institution where you’re sending your social security number, address, bank statements and tax returns could definitely steal your identity at the drop of a hat.

Now, as it turns out, some companies are going even farther than scrutinizing every dime you’ve spent over the last year: they’re combing your social networks to find out if you fraternize with lowlives so that they can deny you for a loan. Read More

IP Uh Oh

2011 in Social Media IPOs: The Winners, The Losers, and The Winningest Losers


In 2011, Wall Street caught friending fever. It was a hell of a year for social media IPOs, as investment banks welcomed themselves into the money-hungry arms of Computer Nerds, Many Of Whom Should Have But Didn’t Know Better. Of course, there were a few winners that weren’t said banks, as well as a few you’ve never heard of. In 2012, Facebook will lead one of the largest tech IPOs pretty much ever, and the largest year of tech IPOs since 1999. What did we learn? Mostly, that for every bet, there’s a sucker who’s as desperate for money as most people apparently are for friends. So:

Who won, who lost, and who debuted on the market without anyone really knowing? Read More

SOPA Opera

Say It Ain’t SOPA: Silicon Alley or Valley Can’t Compete With Hollywood’s Lobbying Money

The great SOPA scrub: lobbying money!

SOPA, short for the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bill making its way through Congress, fueled by Hollywood’s lobbying dollars. Essentially, it would give the American government the opportunity to hit the kill switch on any domain accused of hosting violations of copyright, sight-unseen and without due process. That would be bad. The Internet knows this, Important People On The Internet know this, and they seem to be working very hard to make people aware of it.

Unfortunately, their efforts—at least as far as money is concerned—might not be enough to match the power of Hollywood’s lobbying cash. Read More