LocalResponse Is So Close to Profitability, They Can Almost Taste It

Nihal Mehta, CEO of LocalResponse (

Local startup LocalResponse is apparently growing like a weed. As we’ve reported before, the platform leverages your social media detritus to deliver hyper-targeted ads. (Translation: You check into a store, and you get a coupon that’s actually useful.)

Now, it sounds like that approach is quite literally paying off. According to TechCrunch, CEO Nihal Mehta says the company is within striking distance of profitability, and he expects to cross that particular milestone sometime in Q3. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Read More

Goooood Morning, Silicon Alley! Gary Sharma’s Picks for the Week of Halloween: The Multi-Million Dollar Edition


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), Founder of GarysGuide, Mentor at ER Accelerator and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Just Peachy
It starts off innocently enough with buzzwords like platform, brands, game mechanics, engaging clients, social graph … yada yada yada … being thrown about. And then suddenly this … “We’ve been thru a ton of together. I know her mood swings, I know when her blood sugar gets low.” Wait, whaaa…? Yup, thats Betabeat’s very own new reality show, of course. ;) It’s called “The Pitch” and as Betabeater Ben Popper recently tweeted, it’s got everything from college seniors and corporate bankers to toy makers and fashionistas trying their hand at the startup lifestyle. And yes, plenty of baseball metaphors. So go grab some popcorn, lean back and press the play button already.

Deals, deals & more deals
As always, we got a bunch of cool deals for y’all including classes at General Assembly, the Raise Cache tech fashion show, 500 Startups Warm Gun conference and more.

And now, lets take a peek behind the curtains to see who’s performing (and who’s showboating) in the Flatiron production of Silicon Alley this week… Read More

Meet the Meatspace

Grindr Finally Reveals “Project Amicus”! Its a Grindr for Straights. Called Blendr!


The MoLoSo (mobile local social) space is really heating up. OkCupid recently launched a mobile app to help horny folks find a little local love that they swear is the “anti-Grindr”. Betabeat already told you about Bromance, the location based network for “dudes that do”. But who better to do the anti- Grindr than the OG of spontaneous celly sex, Grindr! Read More