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Revenge Is Sweet: Time Warner Cable Sued Over Modem Leasing ‘Scam’

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When last we heard from Time Warner Cable, a corporation so reviled that even Starfleet captains can’t help but voice their discontent, it was devising its latest scheme to become the most hated company ever by charging a modem rental fee. Now, the New York Daily News reports that not one but two class action suits have been lodged against Time Warner, alleging that the $3.95/month modem leasing fee is essentially a money-making racket. Read More

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In Latest Attempt to Become the Most Hated Company Ever, Time Warner Plans to Charge a Monthly Modem Fee

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When not pissing off the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Time Warner Cable execs apparently take to their evil lair to devise new schemes to wring every last penny out of their hapless customers. The latest pocket gouger? A monthly modem fee.

The New York Times reports that Time Warner is planning to charge a monthly fee of $3.95 to rent a modem from them. If you want to avoid paying the monthly fee, you can purchase a Time Warner-approved modem for $50-$137. Time Warner will then promise to set the modem up during the Harvest Moon but then not show up until the spring thaw. Read More


Comcast and South Korean Broadband Subscribers: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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In New York City, our broadband internet choices are a little limited: most are stuck with Time Warner Cable’s RoadRunner subsidary, or Verizon FIOS, which—for many people—the jury’s still out on. And while we probably have the same complaints as anybody else who recieves broadband internet (sometimes, it’s slow; sometimes, it breaks; it’s stupid-expensive; etc…) we now surely have unilateral validation for at least one of these complaints: Ours simply is not the best.

That distinguishment apparently belongs to Comcast. They are Comcastic. Read More