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Instagram Threatens to Shut Down Madonna’s Account for Violating Its Community Guidelines

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Stars: they’re just like us! Getting chastised by photo sharing apps for posting supposedly inappropriate content.

Madonna posted a letter to her Instagram today that she received from the Instagram team. The letter warns her that some of her photos have violated the company’s community guidelines, and reminds her to abide by Instagram’s rules, such as not posting nudity or illegal content. It advises her to delete the offending content or else her account may be shut down. Read More

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Startup News: The Library of Congress Has a Twitter Problem

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API Rate Limit Exceeded Back in April of 2010, the Library of Congress promised to add every tweet up to that date to its famous archives. But like anyone following too many people at once, it’s just caused one big mess. The library now has an archive of approximately 170 billion tweets totaling to a compressed 133.2 terabytes. Now the librarians of Congress are planning to work with Gnip, the company currently organizing all of the data, to develop a plan for archiving all of the tweets.

Apparently there have already been more than 400 access requests to the Twitter archives from researches doing work on citizen journalism and political communications. Someone needs to teach the librarians how to make lists as soon as humanly possible. Read More

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Lance Armstrong Follows Leo DiCaprio’s Lead, Invests in NYC Startup

Two posts and counting!

Silicon Alley syndicates aren’t the only folks who like to invest with their friends. The New York Post reports that Lance Armstrong has taken a stake in Mobli, the New York-based social networking startup that raised $4 million from Leonardo DiCaprio and other “high-profile” investors in October.

The seven-time Tour de France winner, who is already posting photos to the site, “will use his fame and legendary drive to help the company gain traction in the competitive field of mobile apps,” the paper says. Hey if @mrskutcher can drive design sales, why shouldn’t a celebrity cyclist help with your mobile strat. Read More

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Leonardo DiCaprio Follows Ashton Kutcher’s Lead Into Startupland as a Tech Investor and Advisor

I'm the king of the world Startupland!

Startup fever just hit the Hollywood A-list. Mobli, a visual social platform, announced today that Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the “high profile investors” behind its $4 million seed round.

Mr. DiCaprio, who ranks no. 71 on Forbes latest list of The Celebrity 100 for commanding $28 million a film, will also be taking on an advisory role at Mobli. Read More