Someone Better Put Facebook’s Big Fat Mobile Problem on Atkins


No wonder that oft-rumored Facebook phone keeps not happening. Given the amount of time the average smartphone user spends on Facebook, building a devoted offering would just be redundant. The site claims more of their time than Foursquare, Twitter or Tumblr. But that’s not exactly a boon for the social network. In the grand scheme of things, Facebook makes barely a plug nickel on its mobile offerings.

According to the latest ComScore report, in March, smartphone users spent, on average, 441 minutes on Facebook. Twitter, by contrast, occupies a measly 114 minutes (even less than Foursquare, at 146 minutes). But before popping any bottles on behalf of FACE and/or calling your broker, compare that to the average 391 minutes that users accessed the site via computer. That’s up from last month, but still, Reuters juxtaposes those numbers with this ominous little excerpt from the company’s IPO filing: Read More