Code or Be Coded

If You’re an Android Coder in NYC, Expect a Huge Salary

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Android is eating the planet as more people worldwide take up Android as either their first or latest smartphone. Problem is, those people need apps, and apps need coders to make them, and a number of hiring managers, founders and consultants here in NYC are coming up dry when looking for capable Android talent.

“Hiring for Android is almost impossible,” Ben Schippers, cofounder of dev-shop HappyFunCorp, told Betabeat. “You’re seeing a spike in Android use, and now we’re competing with Samsung, Facebook, Google and the Fortune 500 for talent.” Read More

Yahoo for Yahoos

Is Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Splintering Into ‘Have and Have-Nots’?

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As part of her attempt to drag Yahoo into the twenty-first century, kicking and screaming if necessary, CEO Marissa Mayer is heavily emphasizing mobile. (Because duh.)

But according to the New York Post, Ms. Mayer’s priorities have created a kind of class system within the Sunnyvale-based company. “It’s a bit of a have and have-nots situation,” according to one anonymous source.

The Post reports: Read More

App for That

When Pigs Flirt: Christian Group Decries Bestiality in Geico Mobile App


So you’re an insurance company, and you’ve got a snazzy new smartphone app that does things like helps your customers call for a tow truck when their car breaks down. Also, you have a reputation for memorable TV pitchmen (cavemen, lizards, etc.). Then before you know it, you shoot a 30-second spot for your app in which a comely dame propositions a talking pig and you’ve got a bunch of pissed off Christian ladies on your hands. Read More

Going Mobile

‘Designated Texter’ Campaign Launches for Those Physically Incapable of Not Texting While Driving

(Photo: Mike Luckovich/Frugal Cafe)

Do you enjoy rolling the window down while driving to catch the breeze in your hair? Hooking your iPhone up to the car stereo so you can enjoy the complex musical stylings of 2 Chainz? What about prioritizing sending a text message over other people’s safety?

If so, you’re in luck: the “designated texter” campaign, launched in Florida, could help you send your undoubtedly very important text and not accidentally kill anybody in a car accident. It’s a win/win! Read More

It's Zuck's World We're Just Living In It

Facebook Execs Stop Just Short of Tap Dancing in Celebration of Mobile Revenue


Doesn’t it seem the Facebook IPO was just yesterday? And yet here we are at the company’s third earnings release, which brings promising news. In fact, we’re a little surprised the Facebook execs on the earnings call didn’t punctuate their remarks with jazz hands.

That’s because, 23 percent of the company’s $1.33 billion in Q4 ad revenue came from mobile. That’s a jump from Q3, when it was about 14 percent. And it’s a big jump from last year, when it was basically zero. Overall ad revenue was also up 40 percent.

“Today there’s no argument — Facebook is a mobile company,” crowed Zuck in this afternoon’s earnings call. Read More

Going Mobile

Verizon Waives Two Weeks of Voice and Text Charges for Sandy Victims

(Photo: Twitter/swissmiss)

Anyone in the New York/New Jersey region knows how hard it was to make a call or send a text message in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Simply dialing up your parents to let them know you were okay resulted in many a frustrating dropped call, “mobile network not available” message or weird busy signal. Not to mention that those who lost power were left without a way to charge their typically omnipresent communication devices. Read More

Place Your Bets

After Significant Layoffs, Zynga Officially Rolls the Dice on Real Money Gaming in 2013

Mr. Pincus (Photo: Wikipedia)

After two big blows in succession–downgraded earnings forecasts, followed by 5 percent layoffs and the end of its studios in Boston, Japan, and the UK–Zynga’s third quarter earnings report exceeded the Street’s “rock bottom expectations.” That might explain why after hours trading is currently up 13.6 percent.

Zynga had predicted a net loss of $90 to $105 million for the third quarter, but only reported a net loss of $52.7 million. The company attributed part of that loss on a $95.5 million impairment charge on its acquisition of OMGPOP, the New York City-based makers of Draw Something. Zynga also said that a 28 percent sequential decrease in monthly unique payers (MUPs) from the second quarter (4.1 million) to the third quarter (3 million) as “largely driven by Draw Something.” Read More

Going Mobile

As Rumors About a $2B Valuation Swirl, Airbnb Sees Mobile Traffic Double

Mr. Vilcsak and what we have to presume is a fake mustache. (Photo: Twitter)

Despite New York’s recent crackdown on illegal hoteliers–which has put the tech-friendly city at odds with successful travel startups–Airbnb has continued to grow at an impressive rate. The San Francisco-based room rental company is reportedly seeking a fresh $100M round at a valuation of $2-3B, an astronomical number given the company’s run-ins with local ordinances and apartment-ruining nightmares.

But despite those minor setbacks, Airbnb has continued to see a significant uptick in travelers who opt to use its services instead of sketchy hostels or expensive hotels. One of the ways in which the company has managed to secure market dominance is by building out a robust mobile experience that caters to the immediacy necessary to on-the-go planning. Read More

Going Mobile

With Two New Execs and Lofty Expansion Plans, Onswipe’s on Its Way Up

Mr. Baptiste (

The first sound we heard upon ringing the doorbell at the Onswipe offices just off of Union Square was the pitter-pattering of puppy footsteps. “Is that a dog?” we asked aloud to the well-dressed man who was also waiting to be let into the office. Sure enough, an Onswipe employee opened the door and a scruffy white dog excitedly greeted us.

Once we were in the loft-like offices, out came TechStars alum Jason Baptiste, Onswipe’s colorful founder, who after introducing himself made the dog (named Johnny) sit and shake. Johnny refused to do a spin though. “He’ll do anything if you have food,” acknowledged Mr. Baptiste, wearing a dapper grey suit and pink tie.

We were at Onswipe to discuss the company’s recent growth, which has been on an impressively upward swing since February. Onswipe’s staff has quadrupled to 25 in the last year, with plans to grow to 48 employees by year’s end. The company also recently added two new executive level positions: former VP of AOL Video Richard Bloom as its first COO, and former VP of sales at Jumptap Jared Hand as its first CRO. Read More