#MemorialDay: Today’s Worst Social Media Marketing Fails

Let's all try to remember what Memorial Day is really about. (Wikimedia Commons)

Memorial Day is a time to give thanks to the brave Americans who serve our country, and honor those who’ve fallen in the line of duty. But sadly, the national holiday has also become a vehicle for companies to promote their brands on social media. Ugh.

Disturbingly, we’ve seen it plenty of times before — most recently on MLK day, when companies callously advertised themselves using #MLK on Twitter. Sure, using hashtags like #MLK, #VeteransDay or #MemorialDay hugely increases the viewership of a tweet, but we still don’t get why companies think it’s okay to capitalize on what should be a solemn day of national remembrance. Read More

Goooood Morning Silicon Alley!

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This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at] garysguide.com.

Remember IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson? Big Blue investing $1 billion to create Watson Group, 2000 employee division @ 51 Astor Pl (E Village). It’ll have Incubator + $100 million to fund startups with creative uses for Watson. 

Cause Spotlight: NYC Foundation for Computer Science (CSNYC) led by my friend Evan Korth & supported by Fred & Joanne Wilson. They provide funding for Computer Science & Software Engg programs in public schools (28 so far), and are raising $250k & have upcoming meetup, Women in CS, Feb 3 @ USV. Read More