Mitt Romney’s Grandkids Made More Money on DoubleClick Than Most of You

Why are you jogging in a polo, Mitt? (Photo: flickr.com/marcn)

As anyone who’s paid any attention over the last six months will undoubtedly already know, Mitt Romney has about five dollars more than God. Consequently, the man does things like set up trust funds for his children and grandchildren, which has enabled the Romney clan, as a whole, to sidestep paying quite a lot of taxes. And that’s why there are little Romneys scampering about who probably did better at Bubble 1.0 than many of you.

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Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Hackers Claim They’re Holding Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns for Bitcoin Ransom [Update]

(Photo: Imdb.com)

Hackers do a lot for epic lulz, including trolling a credulous public in love with stories about improbable, Mission Impossible-worthy hacks. So we are skeptical of The Daily Dot’s article about anonymous (we don’t yet know if that word should be capitalized) Pastebin posts claiming GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney’s infamously withheld tax returns have been snagged by hackers and are being held for ransom.

The authors of the Pastebin missives say Mr. Romney’s returns will be released to the public on September 28 unless the hackers are given a Bitcoin ransom equal to $1 million in U.S. dollars.

In case you think the Mission Impossible allusion is hyperbole, just read how the Romney tax return kidnappers claim they snagged the documents: Read More

Twitter Politics

Who Is Buying Mitt Romney’s Twitter Robot Army?

Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

Sometime around July 21, Mitt Romney’s Twitter account saw a bizarre spike in follower numbers, to the tune of 150,000 or so new accounts in about 48 hours. The presidential candidate’s opponents might be quick to blame Mr. Romney or his campaign, but Mr. Romney’s digital director already told Buzzfeed the campaign had nothing to do with it. Either way, someone clearly fluffed the former Massachusetts governor’s follower count with fakes and The Atlantic crunched the numbers to prove it. The post by Alexander Furnas and Devin Gaffney is densely detailed: Read More


Booting Up: Help Us, Marissa Mayer, You’re Our Only Hope Edition

(Photo: Twitter)

Some poor Yahoo employee made a Marissa Mayer Hope poster. We are embarrassed for everyone involved. [Twitter]

Actually, Mitt Romney’s face is following you around the Internet–and it’s freaking most people out. [New York Times]

“Keep this movement going. Keep this movement tweeting.” – A really weird music video by Kim Dotcom that you should watch ASAP. [YouTube]

The Wall Street Journal is confused about who invented the Internet. [Ars Technica]

Martin Scorsese is in Apple’s newest star-studded Siri commercial, and naturally it’s set in a cab cruising across Manhattan. [9to5 Mac]

Venture Capitalism

Romney’s Former Firm Bain Capital Joins $12 M Round In Brooklyn-Based Blip Networks


Finally, a Bain Capital story that doesn’t involve the term “vulture capital.” This morning, Blip, a video network highlighting original web series, announced a financing round of more than $12 million. Bain Capital Ventures, Canaan Partners, and other previous investors contributed $6.5 million as well as debt from Silicon Valley Bank totaling about $6 million.

The company, formerly known as Blip.tv, filed a Form D in December of last year, signifying that they had already raised $6 million from Bain and Canaan Partners.

In the press release, Blip claimed revenue had grown 100 percent year-over-year thanks to 13 million monthly uniques in the U.S. and 30 million monthly viewers globally. The new funding, said Blip, will be used to develop tools and services for web series producers, invest in its advertising and distribution platforms, and “significantly expand” syndication relationships.

Betabeat spoke with Blip COO Steve Brookstein to talk about the competition for eyeballs, whether YouTube is a friend or foe, and if he’s voting for Bain founder Mitt Romney. Read More