We Are Already in Love with Beyoncé’s Instagram, Even Though She Deleted ‘Mitches’

(Photo: I am Beyonce)

Last night, just as Twitter was celebrating Obama’s victory, Beyoncé Knowles posted a photo to her Tumblr that perfectly summed up all of the excitement and inner feelings of booyah, GOP.

It was a deliciously satisfying moment for Obama supporters and Beyhive fans alike. Now, The Daily Dot reports that Beyoncé is going beyond Tumblr and upping her social game even further: the Queen has officially joined Instagram under the handle “baddiebey.” She already has almost 220,000 followers. Read More

Planet GOOG

Why Google Customizes Results When You Search for ‘Obama,’ But Not for ‘Romney’

Is Google anti-Mittens? (Photo: Wikimedia)

Just in time for Election Day, the Wall Street Journal decided to conduct a little experiment in personalized search on Google, inspired by Duck Duck Go founder Gabriel Weinberg. (It should be noted that Mr. Weinberg has a little skin in the game. Duck Duck Go is a privacy-protecting search engine, funded by Union Square Ventures.)

Back in September, Mr. Weinberg found that some users who searched for “Obama,” “abortion” and “gun control” on Google got back results with links to articles that referenced the president under the search label “you recently searched for Obama.” But when users replaced “Obama” with “Romney,” that label and the customized search results didn’t pop up. Read More

Malware Mischief

Warning: ‘Mitt Romney Almost President’ Is a Malware Attack, Not a CNN Alert

Detail of image from SophosLabs

SophosLabs reports that malware attacks tend to surge near major elections and the most recent is calculated to pull in anxious voters on either side of the political spectrum; a malicious email purporting to come from CNN declaring “CNN Breaking News–Mitt Romney Almost President.”

In a post on their NakedSecurity blog, Sophos explains why no one should click a link from an email like this: Read More


RoboRomney Parody: Watch the Mitt Bot Agree With Anything You Like


If last week’s memeification of fired Big Bird is any indication of a trend, this is the world’s first GIF elections and debate-watching now consists of sitting around waiting for your joke to go viral.

RoboRomney, which you’re likely to start seeing in your Facebook Newsfeed, is on the more incisive end of the political meme-critiques (meme-tiques?).

It’s a single-serving web site that inputs your political positions on a list of topics and spits back matching Romney quotes and video montage, showing that Mitt has–at one point, at least–supported every position you could possibly take on an issue. Read More

Political Animals

Kleiner Perkins Investor Responds to Romney Calling Tesla and Fisker ‘Losers’

Elon Musk in SpaceX Mission Control

If your Twitter feed is anywhere near as tech heavy as ours, Elon Musk came in a close second to Big Bird as unfair targets during Mitt Romney’s grossly misleading turn at the podium Wednesday night.

Lumping electronic sports car makers Fisker and Tesla in with Solyndra, the presidential candidate smugly described President Obama’s tax breaks to green companies thusly: “I mean, I had a friend who said, you don’t just pick the winners and losers; you pick the losers.”  Read More


Booting Up: Presidential Debate Post Mortem Edition

Debate club. (Photo:

There were 10.3 million tweets sent last night regarding the presidential debates–a new record for the site. [TNW]

However, between all the newly created Big Bird accounts and red tie/blue tie observations, it’s possible that Twitter went a little nuts over the presidential debates. Just a little nuts. [Politico]

Perhaps the most painful moment, though? When Mitt Romney basically classed beloved electric auto company Tesla as a “loser.” :( [Wired]

At least one analyst thinks ecommerce is going to have a great Christmas–because everyone has decided the economy is bad and that makes them scared of what other shoppers will do IRL. [CNET]

This morning Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce the company has reached a billion monthly active users. Glad someone’s having a good day. [Facebook]

Looks like the team from review site Fondu got acqui-hired by Airbnb. [Fondu’s Tumblr]

Fresh Capital

Rap Genius Now Partially Owned By a Republican: Andreessen Horowitz Invests $15 M.


Rap Genius, the Brooklyn-based site that lets the hive mind take a stab at explaining hip hop lyrics, announced today that they have received $15 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The powerful venture capital firm is run by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and rap fanatic Ben Horowitz, notorious for starting his business-minded blog posts with a hip-hop epigraph. Read More


No Cable, No Problem: Where to Watch the Presidential Debates For Free

(Photo: The Atlantic)

If you’re into bloodsports, there’s another way to watch Obama v. Romney tonight. Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed startup that lets you live-stream network TV, just offered New Yorkers two hours of free viewing tonight from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m–and free viewing for both subsequent presidential debates. Users don’t have to input their credit card information, but they do have to own a Mac since the service still only works through Safari browsers.

For those of you outside Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, there are a number of other options. Read More