Internet of Things

Nest Halts Sale of ‘Smart’ Smoke Detectors After Finding They Might Not Detect Smoke

A cartoon rendering of the Nest Protect smoke alarm. (Facebook)

Nest, the Google-owned company that makes smart smoke alarms and thermostats, is disabling a feature on its Nest Protect smoke alarms after realizing it could be dangerous in the event of a fire. They’re also halting sales of all new smoke alarms until the problem is fixed.

In a recent blog post, Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell explained that Nest Wave — a feature that allows Nest Protect smoke alarm users to turn off their alarms by waving their hand — could pose great dangers in the event of a real fire. What if a user unintentionally waved her hand in front of her Nest Protect smoke alarm, just moments before a fire started in her home? Read More

Twitter Uh Oh

Twitter, on Asking Everyone to Reset Passwords: Whoops, Our Bad

(Photo: Maximum PC)

Those who received an email from Twitter warning that they should reset their passwords might greet this admission in Twitter’s status blog with some irritation. Twitter admits: yeah, they kind of screwed that up.

Don’t get too mad, though–Twitter only had our best interests at heart. It’s just that in a fairly normal investigation of compromised accounts, someone at Twitter HQ may have gotten a little carried away: Read More