Dating: The Final Frontier

Here Are the Anonymous Mating Calls of the 12 Creepiest Techies at Internet Week

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Is there anything more tragic than locking eyes with the cutest tech nerd at the conference, only to lose sight of them in the midst of all the miniature drones and robot demos?

Long lost lovers of the tech world are in luck. The new service In Real Life, Baby (#irlbb) allows people to anonymously tweet at their Internet Week missed connections. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

NYU-Poly Instructor Builds Nerdtastic Website to Help Craigslist ‘Missed Connections’ Find Their Match

Beep bloop beep . . . love connection!

Did you just watch the love of your life exit the L train without asking for her digits? Digital renaissance man Luke DuBois is here to help. As the Brooklyn Paper reports, Mr. DuBois, an instructor at both the Polytechnic Institute of NYU and the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, has built a website to help the Craigslist crowd find their “Missed Connections.”

The site scrapes Missed Connections listings in nine different cities, including New York, then uses an algorithm that matches descriptive words from from listings in the same city. If it’s a close enough match (upwards of 85 percent), users are prompted to email the authors of the initial posts to let them know you may have found their subway soulmate. Read More


Last Chance to KickStart This Movie About a Missed Connection on the Subway [VIDEO]


New York writer and director Gregory Rizzi has a project on KickStarter to fund a short film about finding your dreamgirl on the morning subway commute that sounds like a relateable script straight from Craigslist’s popular Missed Connections or the mind of Patrick Moberg. (They already make movies about Casual Encounters and I think it’s called porn.)

This will be the first live action film for Mr. Rizzi, a feature film animator who has worked at Lucas Film and Electronic Arts. He’s already exceeded his goal of $6,000, but hopeless romantics who want an answer to the Mr. Rizzi’s questions–“How do you pick up a girl when you can’t even get close enough to talk to her?”–have until 6.21 p.m. EST to contribute. Read More