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Rumors & Acquisitions: Aol and the Labs, Turntable and the Labels, and Which Aviary Co-Founder Needs Your A/S/L?


LAME. The evil music labels are considering a lawsuit against, according to a high-level source on the West Coast, but haven’t decided how to proceed. Meanwhile, Turntable lookalike is knee deep in lawyers trying to figure out how to keep the service up outside the U.S.

MIXED MESSAGES. A couple weeks ago, Betabeat noticed that Skillshare founder Mike Karnjanaprakorn was out in San Francisco for the launch of Skillshare in that city. Had he picked up some cash while he was out there, we wondered? Skillshare raised $550,000 in January, which was made public in May, so the company certainly could have sustained its five employees on that–especially with MK’s militant lean start-up mindset and the bit of cash it’s getting from the website. So when Mr. Karnj said he hadn’t raised a new round, we said ‘Oh okay.’ But then we kept hearing, over the transom, that Skillshare has raised a fresh round. And they’re trying to fill up their sweet Soho office with a backend developer, community team and founder apprentice. Any insights? Drop us a tip. Read More

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There Is Now a Meetup for New York Venture Capitalists With Preteen Kids


Is it possible for a networking event to jump the shark? If so, meetups may be very close.

In Adrianne Jeffries’ feature this week on start-up fever affliciting New Yorkers with a bad case of  wantrepreneurship, we listed what we thought was already a high number of networking spinoffs from the original New York Tech Meetup. Dumbo Tech Breakfast, UWS Startup Meetup, and the New York Technology Bathhouse Meetup come to mind. But none of the options on that growing list meets the particular specifications of ff Venture Capital’s David Teten. He and venture partner Mike Yavonditte from Hashable are launching “a periodic Meetup for people who work in the innovation community and who are parents of pre-teen children.” Sorry, Fred Wilson, your kids are too grown.

On Business Insider, Mr. Teten writes, “We envision organizing activities that our kids, partners, and we will all jointly enjoy.” Read More


Chief Marketing Officer Emily Hickey Leaves Hashable

Yavonditte and Hickey

Betabeat has a long a tumultuous relationship with Hashable. We wrote about the service before it was open to the public, when Fred Wilson and Charlie O’Donnell were still topping the leaderboard and Trevor Owens was an intern at Dogpatch Labs. We wrote about its potential to chart the social economy and fill a vacuum left by LinkedIn.

Of course, we also posted an opinionated takedown of the service, and engaged in a spirit online spat with Read More

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Dan Rather Reports to Air “Investigative Report” on Hashable

dan rather reports

Dan Rather, the CBS evening news anchor for 24 years whose contract was not renewed after he aired an investigative report about former president George W. Bush’s military service that was based on documents that turned out to have been forged and who once said journalists “need to ask more tough questions–and keep asking them,” did a story about New York start-up Hashable about the “new tech landscape,” which airs tomorrow. Read More