On the Town

In Which We Went Golfing with Silicon Alley’s Ad-Tech Elite

Carboloading before the sports. (Photo: Darren Herman)

Bright and early yesterday morning, Betabeat boarded a bus outside of the Buzzfeed offices and headed north to Rockland County for a day at the Silicon Alley Golf Invitational. The guest list included the city’s ad-tech elite. In other words, the CEOs of unsexy business-to-business platforms laughing all the way to the bank. It was a disgustingly perfect day for such an event, with the sun shining and even the heat easing off a bit.

We arrived at the Manhattan Woods Golf Club to find our host, Media Kitchen chief digital media officer Darren Herman, greeting guests in an eye-singeing neon yellow shirt. Cheery assistants in SAGI polos checked in players and handed out extra balls. Read More