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Buddy Media’s New Director of Product, Andrew Ferenci, Talks Social Media ROI

Can Buddy Media tame that mane?

Back in May, as it was on the brink of closing its first big round of funding, social commerce startup Spinback was acquired by Buddy Media, the 800 pound gorilla in the social marketing world. Since then, says Buddy Media CEO Mike Lazerow, Spinback has become tightly integrated into Buddy Media’s daily work, especially when it comes to showing big clients what they are getting from the campaigns they run. Betabeat chatted with Spinback founder and CEO Andrew Ferenci, who is now director of product developement at Buddy.

How are things going with the integration of Spinback into Buddy Media?

It’s going really well. Sometimes a product gets bought and the integration takes a long time. Or worse, the product never really gets integrated and then it gets killed off, like Google did with Dodgeball. We’re only three months in, but the product fit just seems right, and we’re getting close to the finish line for launching a brand new version of Spinback that will tie us into the larger mission here at Buddy.  Read More

Scaling New Heights

Buddy Media CEO Mike Lazerow: No Matter What the Markets Do, We Can Scale Aggressively

Who doesn't love a good D round?

Buddy Media, which has emerged as the dominant marketing platform for major brands on Facebook, just closed a $54 million D round led by GGV Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Institutional Venture Partners and Bay Partners.

It’s clear Mr. Lazerow has an IPO as his end goal. He writes in a blog post that GGV has experience with the public markets, having backed companies like Alibaba and more recently Pandora, which went public just before the recent market downturn. And Bay Partners, he notes, have seen more than 250 companies to an IPO or $250 million+ acquisition. Here’s our quick Q&A from this morning: Read More

The Third Degree

Buddy Media’s Mike Lazerow on Perpetual Pivots and a Start-Up for Six-Toed Women


Mike Lazerow is an industry vet who managed to create profitable content sites in the dot-com era before transitioning into the social media age. First came University Wire, a sort of Associated Press for college newspapers, and then which he sold to Time Warner in 2006. As the founder and CEO of Buddy Media, he runs the largest third party platform for marketing on Facebook, with eight out of the top ten global advertisers among his clients. In 2011 he launched Lazerow Ventures, a $10 million family partnership and co-investment fund and has quickly become one of the city’s most active and sought after angels.

You always remember the ones that got away. Tell us about the start-up you regret passing on the most.

Well I bought into Facebook pretty early, but looking back, I had the chance to get in much sooner. They were pre-revenue and the valuation seemed high, so I passed. Zynga is like that too. Mark Pincus is a board member of Buddy Media and was at the time he was founding Zynga. I could certainly have been more vocal, could have pushed harder, to be an early investor in that, but at the time I didn’t really see it. Veterans like Fred Wilson or Brad Feld, who can separate the signal from the noise, they looked at Zynga and saw a company with a proven founder entering a wide open space with a huge market. I saw an online poker app.  Read More


Spinback Poised to Close Series A When Buddy Media Snapped Them Up

Andrew Ferenci, 24-year old founder of Spinback.

Buddy Media, the Facebook managing platform for businesses, announced this morning it had acquired the five-person New York start-up Spinback, which makes a social media plug-in and analytics dashboard that customers can enable by embedding a few lines of code on their web sites. “I’ve never seen a product that does what it does. It does what four or five technologies do in one,” said Buddy Media CEO Mike Lazerow when Betabeat reached him by phone this morning at Disney World, where he was attending the Mashable Connect conference with Spinback CEO Andrew Ferenci. Read More