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Even Porn Star James Deen Looks a Little Silly Boning in Google Glass

Uhhh, Glass, how do I block out the Glass? (Photo: Screencap)

Try as they might, the prudes in Mountain View just cannot stop humans from using Glass for dirty purposes.

Sure, Google bowdlerized developer MiKandi’s Tits and Glass, the first porn app for Glass, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let themselves be wholly cock-blocked. They’ve built a platform where users can share videos made with Glass, and they’ve also teamed up with beloved Internet personality James Deen and Andy San Dimas for this production, supposedly the first professional porno made on Glass. Read More

XXX in Tech

No-Fun Google Bans Porn from Glass

(Photo: Mikandi Blog)

Hot on the heels of the release of the first-ever porn app for Google Glass, cleverly titled Tits and Glass, comes the news that the boner-killing Internet giant has decided to ban porn completely from the wearable device. That means no sexy hands-free videos will be streaming to your face computer any time soon. Read More

XXX in Tech

Google Glass’s First Porn App Has An Incredible Name: Tits & Glass

Tits and class. (Photo: MiKandi)

Update: Looks like Mikandi has some work cut out for them: Google has just banned porn from Glass.

America has done it! The first eagerly anticipated porn app for Google Glass is here and it comes bearing the most wonderful name: Tits & Glass.

Developed by the world’s “largest app store” MiKandi, the free app lets horny cyborgs share, browse, comment, and vote on their favorite pornographic content right in front of their faces. It comes preloaded with photos and skin flicks that are optimized for Glass’s point-of-view, so it’s sort of like you’re near a woman. Read More