Ballmer Time

Nobody Puts Ballmer In a Corner: Microsoft CEO’s Send-Off Includes Dancing to ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’ [Update]

Miss u boo (Photo: Wikimedia)

Last month, longtime Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would be leaving the company within a year, and so the goodbyes began. The Verge reports that yesterday Mr. Ballmer held his final company meeting as CEO, and it sounds like he went out playing the role of Steve Ballmer, Tech Industry Character, to the hilt. Read More


Booting Up: Microsoft Buys Itself a Labor Day Present

Nokia!! (Photo: Dailytech)

Microsoft took some time off from its Labor Day BBQ to announce that it had acquired the handset and services arm of Nokia. [New York Times]

CBS and Time Warner, two gigantic babies masquerading as multi-million dollar companies, finally reached a deal that allows CBS programming to return to Time Warner. It hit your TV last night at 6pm EST, but unless you watch Two Broke Girls (lol), you probably didn’t notice. [The Verge]

Apparently growing bored of life on his lush New Zealand compound, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has started his own political party, and–yes–he’s President of it. [TorrentFreak]

Here’s a cool interactive graphic from the Times about the next great startup. Snapchat is included, of course. [NYT]

Jeff Bezos intends to use his bajillions to create a new “golden era” at WaPo. [Washington Post]


Booting Up: Get Excited for Neat New 15-Second TV-Style Video Ads On Your Facebook

This is a Surface. (Photo: Microsoft)

Facebook is planning to roll out 15-second video ads that could fetch as much as $2.5 million a day. The invention of the TV-style adverts is part of the social network’s plan to capture some of the billions in advertising that are typically funneled to TV networks. [Bloomberg]

Microsoft has only generated $850 million in revenue from the Surface tablet. [GeekWire]

You could book reservations on OpenTable and if all goes well, you might soon be able to pay for it using the app. [New York Times]

If you’re a lucky Google Glass Explorer winner, then some of you are getting the chance to invite a friend to the program to drum up interest. [ZDNet]

More VCs prefer to use LinkedIn than Twitter: 95 percent of them have profiles on the business-centric site compared to 64 percent who are on Twitter. [PEHub]


Booting Up: Instagram Is Looking for a Political Outreach Manager in D.C.

Instagram enters DC. (Screengrab: Twitter)

Instagram is looking to hire a Washington, D.C.-based Political Outreach Manager to “manage and execute relationships” with politicos and to presumably teach Hillary Clinton how to take a proper selfie. [AdAge]

For Q2 earnings, Google reported $14.1 billion in revenue, but earnings per share checked in lower than expected at $9.56. [GigaOM]

It’s believed that a generic iPhone charger played a role in a electrocuting and killing that 23-year-old Chinese stewardess earlier this week. [ZDNet]

Since Microsoft had to take a $900 million write-down on Surface, surely the thing that doomed the tablet was advertising. Right? [CNET]

Tumblr is making it much more difficult for users to find NSFW content and everyone is so mad about it. [Daily Dot]


Microsoft Creates Crowdfunding Campaign So You Don’t Have to Buy Your Own Damn Computer

This could be yours, college kids!

If you think the products on Kickstarter were terrible, just wait until you see how Microsoft completely ruined (disrupted?) the crowdsourcing paradigm.

Introducing Chip In, a program from the computer giant that lets college students amass donations from people that go toward the purchase of a shiny, new PC. Microsoft said it will ~chip in~ 10 percent of the price on “select” (read: Acer) PCs. Read More

The Future Will See You Now

Microsoft Might Have Finally Figured Out a Way to Reward Your TV Watching Habits


Your dream might finally come true: Microsoft is possibly developing an achievement program through its Kinect device to reward viewers who sit through hours of watching television. The Verge has dug up a patent application filed in 2011 by the company looking to, dare we say, disrupt your couch potato time.

Microsoft suggests that the traditional television viewing model should be upended to create more engagement by adding rewards and prizes. By increasing engagement, its plan could be fruitful for advertisers looking to grab eyeballs in the increasingly difficult arena. Read More