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Startup Rundown: TouchCast Makes Your Videos A Lot Less Lame, and iHeartRadio Wins Windows’s Heart

TouchCast CEO Erick Schonfeld shows how a live Twitter feed can be integrated into a video.

TouchCast touches down Check out the iTunes store for the coolest new video technology: TouchCast, the app that lets you infuse video with interactive digital elements. “[It’s] a new medium that looks like TV, but feels like the web,” says TouchCast cofounder Erick Schonfeld in an online demonstration. We have to admit, it looks Read More


Dude Takes to Indiegogo in a Michael Jackson Costume To Raise Cash for CES Party

Is that a beret, or a wig? (Photo: screencap)

The last time we checked, the Consumer Electronics Show, while quite the get-together, isn’t exactly known for its raging party scene.

But it seems we may have underestimated Sin City: One local man is currently attempting to raise $30,000 (via Indiegogo, natch) to rent the mansion where Michael Jackson used to live and throw an enormous rager featuring Grammy nominees. Hell, he even created a YouTube video featuring his best Michael Jackson impression to promote it. Unfortunately, it is a terrible Michael Jackson impression.

YOLO, baby. Read More