Booting Up: Apple SVP Mysteriously Disappears From the Company’s Executive Page

The new iPhoneC(heap)? (Photo: WeiPhone)

Bob Mansfield, Apple’s senior vice president of technologies, is suddenly no longer an executive. His bio was removed yesterday from the site without explanation, but a spokesman said he’s now working on “special projects reporting to [CEO] Tim [Cook].” [AllThingsD]

Amazon is hiring 5,000 people and opening five more fulfillment facilities over the next few years. [Bloomberg]

Michael Dell is making one final offer to take his computer company private: $13.75 a share. He said he’ll remain with the company even if his attempt fails. [Forbes]

Get excited: Here is possibly what the packaging of the new, budget version of the iPhone looks like. Or maybe not! [CNET]

Here’s a deep dive into the tax breaks Twitter receives from San Francisco. [BuzzFeed]


Booting Up: How Would You Like to Go on a Crazy Blind Date?

"It's called 'Crazy Blind Date.'" (Photo: Derek Rose)

Internet dating not delivering the same thrill it used to? OKCupid would like you to try out a new service called “Crazy Blind Date,” which lets users arrange to meet people they don’t know much about it. It may sound like a Kate Hudson vehicle, but we assure you it’s not. Not yet, anyway.  [AllThingsD]

A group of online anarchists, wait, sorry, archivists, released a Javascript-based bookmarklet that lets users “liberate” a public domain article from JSTOR in memorial to the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz. [ArsTechnica]

The word on Wall Street is that Michael Dell is looking at a deal to take his company private, a move which may free the PC-maker from the attentions of profit-hungry investors and give the company room to shift its strategy to better compete in mobile and cloud computing.  [Bloomberg]

The Feds says that Kim Dotcom’s entrapment claims are baseless. Mr. Dotcom says he’s going to unveil a new file-sharing service on January 19, the one-year anniversary of his arrest. [Wired]

Is Y Combinator funding the future of Windows spam? [IStartedSomething]

In case you forgot, Facebook is holding a press conference today, fueling speculation that Zuck & Co. will announce a new product. One guess: Search. [Pocket-lint]

One Percenters

Rich Kid of Instagram Finally Gets Daddy’s Attention

Ms. Dell (Photo: LinkedIn)

Self-made billionaire Michael Dell recently topped the list of Austin’s highest-paid CEOs for his generous $16 million annual salary. But that doesn’t mean he wants everyone to know how–and where!–he’s spending it. (Lavish breakfast buffets aboard the family jet to Fiji, as it turns out.)

That might explain why Alexa Dell’s oblivious, overshare-y Twitter account abruptly disappeared on Friday after the 18-year-old Columbia University student and W magazine intern shared a photo of her brother Zachary Dell, which was quickly picked up by the socio-economic sleuths at Rich Kids of Instagram last week.  Read More