Dude Brings His Girlfriend’s Pinterest Wedding Fanfic to Life

This could be you one day, Pinterest fiends. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In a gesture that’s sure to please all of The Notebook‘s most type-A fans, a young man planned a surprise proposal and wedding for his girlfriend using nothing but her “My Dream Wedding” Pinterest board.

Amanda Roman’s exhaustive board includes such Pinterest staples as inspirational quotes, makeup tips and even sparkly guilt-inducing weight loss crafts. With more than 220 pins, the only thing she was missing was a fiancé :\ Read More

Fun with GIFs

GIFs Infiltrate Advertising in Relentless March Toward Total Domination of All Communication


Is there any dusty corner of the Internet isolated from the fervor of the GIF craze? Now it appears that these mesmerizing mini-movies have crept into advertising. Take, for example, an email that the Standard Hotel’s Miami outpost just sent, which employs the best tool for the visual communication since the advent of the emoticon to trumpet its yoga offerings.

The email contains little besides four GIFs, two of which we’ve provided here: Read More