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NYC Startup Founder Says Schumer’s Office Told Her the Senator ‘Is In Favor of Censoring the Internet’


Message Party founder Amanda Peyton was in for a rude awakening this morning when she tried to do the right thing. Rather than taking the Internet’s word for it that the proposed Protect IP Act (PIPA) is inherently evil—”I know how myopic the tech world can be sometimes,” she notes—Ms. Peyton decided to go to the source:  Senator Chuck Schumer, co-sponsor of the bill. Read More


Making Manhattan The Web: Twitter as Wall Street, Tumblr is Meatpacking

NYC as Web

MessageParty c0-founder Amanda Peyton imagined a web centric New York, in which the personalities of different services are charted to the appropriate neighborhood.

Twitter symbolizes Wall Street: “Frenetic, Jumbled, Terse, but incredibly powerful.”

Tumblr stands in for West Village and Meatpacking: “Coolness to a fault.”

Worth checking out the whole thing here.

In the meantime, feel free to get even more specific in the comments. Betabeat was thinking 4Chan for the surviving smut of West Times Square and maybe Facebook knock-off Renren for Canal Street.

Location Based

MessageParty Relaunches As Local Geo Blog

message party

When it launched a year ago, MessageParty was a sort of Yobongo / Chat Roulette, letting users send messages to one another in a given local. But CEO Amanda Payton noticed that folks weren’t talking to one another so much, instead they were recording a sort of narrative of the location. Today the service relaunches in New York as a Geo Blogging platform for users to leave notes, videos and images tagged to a certain place. Read More