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Tweet For Tat: Marc Jacobs Store Uses Hashtags As Currency

The artist Langley Fox's works adorned the walls while she posed for photogs. (Photo: Getty)

Successful fashion/tech mashups are tough. Maybe it’s because fashionistas and code monkeys don’t mix, or because the luxe feeling of a silk Hermès scarf can’t be simulated via Android. Still, once in a while, the two industries blend seamlessly. This post is part of a series on tech and fashion collabs that got it right this Fashion Week.

Last night in a room full of more faux fur than a Furby factory, Marc Jacobs gave away fragrance minis for the low, low price of one tweet.

It was a preview event for the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop in SoHo. The airy white space at 262 W. Broadway smelled strongly of the flowery fragrance. Fashionistas tweeted and texted feverishly in hopes of winning Marc Jacobs merch while they gulped champagne. Read More