sxsw 2014

Unwilling Meme Nicolas Cage Says He’s ‘Not In the Social Media Realm’

Sheer brilliance. (Facebook)

Nicolas Cage, the man whose face launched a thousand memes, publicly addressed his Internet fame at a widely attended SXSW panel in the Austin Convention Center this morning.

Most of Mr. Cage’s conversation, which was led by Joe director David Gordon Green, focused on the renowned actor’s delightfully diverse film career. Thankfully, Mr. Cage also found time to talk a little about #tech. Read More


Video: No One In NYC Can Explain WTF a Meme Is

Forget defining memes, the girl in the middle should be one. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Anybody with a Twitter or Facebook account is practically bathing in memes all day, whether they like it or not, so we all know a meme when we see it. But if this video is any indication, we have no idea how to explain it.

Comedy writer/director Alex J. Mann was inspired to shoot “What’s a Meme?” when the topic came up during a holiday meal. He was asked to explain what a meme is, and couldn’t do it. Read More

Planet Reddit

Love Is Dead: Non-Neckbeard Stanford Student Proposes to Girlfriend Over Reddit, Via Memes


Patti Stanger, Chris Harrison and everybody else fighting valiantly to uphold the sanctity of the marriage proposal can just go quit their jobs now, because a dude just proposed to his girlfriend on Reddit. Via memes.

The horrific proposal was posted this morning by a user who goes by the name SirTechnocracy, so I suppose we shouldn’t be terribly surprised. Take a look at it here: Read More

Meme Studies

Beloved Meme ‘Ikea Monkey’ Embroiled in Nasty Custody Battle

(Photo: Instagram)

Darwin the Japanese macaque, better known as “Ikea Monkey,” is caught in the middle of a vicious custody battle, according to The Telegraph. Darwin rose to fame when a Twitter user tweeted a picture of him wearing a fancy shearling coat and a diaper in a Toronto Ikea parking lot. He even reached Peak Meme status when he was parodied by every lady’s favorite porn star, James Deen. Read More


A History of Things That Have ‘Won the Internet’

(Photo: Know Your Meme)

The Internet, that beloved series of tubes, is not a thing you can “win.” Despite humanity’s competitive nature, there are no winners and losers, unless you’re playing Words With Friends or something. And yet, throughout the short course of our collective online history, everything from pets to vampiric actors have been announced as “winners” of the Internet.

The popular phrase compares the Internet to a video game and is used to congratulate a person who does something funny/worthwhile on the web. According to the Internet’s foremost meme academic text, Know Your Meme, the term originated in 2004 on SomethingAwful’s FYAD forum, though it may also have come from a 2002 IRC chatroom. The phrase spread from there, cropping up on 4chan before landing its own Urban Dictionary entry in 2006.

Now it’s regularly employed in blog posts and news stories for stuff as innocuous as cute baby videos. Below, a short list of things that have won the Internet, because recognizing we have a “wins the Internet” problem is the first step to recovery. Read More