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4Chan’s Cleaner Cousin, Canvas, Debuts With Code of Conduct, Still NSFW

image via canvas

4Chan, the image board created by New York’s Chris “Moot” Poole when he was just 15, has gone on to generate some of the funniest memes and most destructive communities on the internet. Last year he launched a new startup, Canvas, which tried to recreate the viral language of creating and sharing images without the filth of 4chan. The startup, which has raised more than $3.6 million so far from top flight VCs and angels, opened up to the public today.

Canvas insisted during its private beta that users log in with Facebook Connect and posted a simple set of rules: “Keep it safe for work |┬áDon’t be mean |┬áStay on topic.” It banned sexually provocative content, hate speech and insults. The rules seems to be working … sort of. Read More