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Meetup Is Moving; Watch Employees Dismantle Their Own Desks


Meetup joins Foursquare, Tumblr and ZocDoc on the list of New York startups growing too big for their britches. Yesterday the 10-year-old startup demolished its desk setup at 632 Broadway in Soho. “Like the circus leaving town,” CEO Scott Heiferman tweeted. Who needs movers when you work at a can-do startup? “To keep up with all of us and make room for future Meetuppers, the Meetup HQ offices are undergoing a serious overhaul,” says the Meetup blog. “We could have left all the heavy lifting to the professionals, but where’s the fun in that?At Meetup, we are all about DIO: Do It Ourselves. So earlier this morning, we grabbed some tools and dismantled our office space together.” So they do call themselves Meetuppers!  Read More