As You Crack Open That July 4th Beer, Pour One Out for iGoogle and Google Video

The end. (Photo:

Google’s decluttering continues unabated. The latest products carted off to the garbage dump: iGoogle, Google Video, and Google Mini, plus Google Talk Chatback and the company’s Symbian Search App.

As the announcement explains, “we need to focus—or we end up doing too much and not having the impact we strive for.” To that end, one of the company’s most redundant offerings is finally reaching its logical conclusion: Whatever’s left on Google Video (which hasn’t even accepted uploads since 2009) will be relocated to YouTube later this summer.

Similarly, Chatback is being shut down in favor of the Meebo bar. Read More


Booting Up: No More IPOs For You Edition


Twitter aired its first ever TV commercial yesterday–during a NASCAR race. [AllThingsD]

Everything you wanted to know about the @Sweden Twitter account: “I wanted to show that I’m often kind of immature and often kind of stupid and so is this country, and I bet you are, too, and so are a lot of people around the world.” Think Mayor Bloomberg would let us do something like this? [New York Times]

There is now a Silicon Valley Bank in the U.K. for just technology investments. Discuss bubble implications as you wish. [BBC]

Google is shutting down Meebo messenger: be still my 8th grade heart. []

Facebook’s user growth is slowing, which cannot be good for the company’s already-battered stock. [Wall Street Journal]

No one wants to IPO now that Facebook’s went so terribly. [Wall Street Journal]

For your morning rage blackout: Ellen Pao is obviously lying because her husband has sued people before. [New York Post]


Google Officially Acquiring Meebo

Elaine Wherry, Meebo's cofounder (

Remember Meebo, the online tool that allows you to chat via various services like AIM, Yahoo and IRC, all through your browser? As long as your high school’s IT guy wasn’t very hip, it was the perfect solution to the fact that they always managed to block AIM. Well today, Meebo announced that Google has agreed to acquire it. Read More