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Study: Cybercrime Is Nowhere Near as Expensive as Previous Estimates

This guy is everywhere now. (Image Devdsp on Flickr

Politicians and scaremongers are prone to throwing around some pretty big numbers for the costs of cybercrime. But the Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a new report, the costs are something like $100 billion annually–far less than the oft-cited previous estimate of $1 trillion. 

The study is the work of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee, which was also responsible for the higher number, back in 2009. This time, though, they admitted that “some of the assumptions” were wrong. No kidding.  Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Newest Portlandia Cast Member

(Screencap: KATU)

Crazy ol’ John McAfee is still on the lam from police in Belize, but has managed to escape to the U.S.–a lucky turn of fate since he believes Hezbollah is after him. Now in an interview with a local news station, Mr. McAfee revealed that he’s happily settled in Portland, where he plans to stay for awhile, perhaps in an effort to keep the dream of the ’90s alive. Read More

Booting Up: Tim Cook Has Feelings Too Edition

Space! (Photo: NASA)

Tim Cook’s not sure where you all got the idea he’s robotic. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

He also confirmed Apple is bringing some manufacturing back to the U.S. No guarantees how much, though. [Bloomberg News]

Get psyched for Skype voice messages. [The Verge]

Hey Best Buy (and all other mega corporations): Maybe don’t assume you can just rip off a startup’s proprietary technology? [Redeye VC]

International fugitive John McAfee has been apprehended in Guatemala, reportedly for entering the country illegally. No word on whether the Vice guys are screwed. [New York Times]

Michael Arrington is very peeved at Instagram pulling Twitter integration. So peeved he felt it necessary to slap on a Winnie the Pooh hat and write a rant. [TechCrunch]

This is what the earth looks like at night. [NASA]