McAfee Speaks

Bath Salts, Babes and Bills: John McAfee Returns With Bizarre YouTube Sketch

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Just yesterday, Betabeat was considering the brief, bizarre rein of McAfee Antivirus founder and bath salts enthusiast John McAfee. How brightly he shone in those brilliant months last winter when he was on the run in South America for allegedly murdering someone in Belize. There was the tampon disguise and the one that probably made him look like a murderer; and of course, that time Vice magazine called us all suckers before accidentally revealing Mr. McAfee’s secret location through iPhone photo metadata. Read More

Law and Order

Murder Suspect John McAfee on His New Disguise: ‘I’ll Probably Look Like a Murderer, Unfortunately’

This guy, but with black hair. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Antivirus software creator and bath salts enthusiast John McAfee is on the lam in Central America. He’s wanted by the Belizean police in connection to the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, and now he’s in disguise. Well, kind of.

Wired reporter Joshua Davis has been tweeting live dispatches from Mr. McAfee, who has been updating him almost hourly on his current status. “McAfee on phone just now: I have radically altered my appearance,” Mr. David tweeted yesterday. But according to the accompanying Wired blog post, Mr. McAfee’s “radical” plan amounts to a box of hair dye. His beard, hair and eyebrows are now “jet black.” Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Founder of McAfee Antivirus Says He Was Falsely Imprisoned By a Gang Suppression Unit in Belize


It took awhile for the news to migrate up from Belize, but earlier this week John McAfee, the investor, philanthropist, and founder of the McAfee, the less-than-loved antivirus software company, offered up a statement claiming that he forcibly imprisoned by the Belize Gang Suppression Unit (GSU).

“They murdered my dog in cold blood,” he told told News Channel 5 in Belize, adding that 30 armed officers from GSU showed up at his home, took his passport, and arrested him all for a trumped up weapons charge. “It began, innocently enough, with my refusal to donate to the local political boss of the district where I lvied [sic],” he claims. Read More