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Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Talks Tech


Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is a proponent of equality. His approach has been slowly gaining steam in the mayoral race. In the most recent Quinnipiac poll of likely Democratic primary voters, Mr. de Blasio (21 percent) only trails Christine Quinn (27 percent).

Wired City: Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn worked toward making the city a tech hub. Were they successful?http://commercialobserver.com/2013/08/president-obama-visits-chattanooga-to-talk-jobs/ Read More

App Ecomony

City Unveils Exciting New App That Lets You Refill Your Parking Meter

Fancy parking meter. (Photo: Flickr)

Be gone, parking meter anxiety!  Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled  a new app that lets users refill their meters remotely, thus eliminating the debilitating mental condition of worrying when the parking meter maid is going to strike next.

The free pilot program is currently being tested on nearly 300 meters in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, according to a press release from the Mayor’s office. The New York Post notes that the initiative was announced in 2009 but is now finally being deployed. Read More


Booting Up: Return of the Winklevii

Bitcoin bros. (Photo: Celebrity Net Worth)

Mayor Bloomberg has his own geek squad of statisticians who are using sexy, sexy big data to make the city better. [New York Times]

Zuck’s political ambitions continue to grow with the news that he will join a superpac with techies and Republican strategists that will focus on issues like immigration and education reform. Psst Zuck, if you’re gonna target Congress, you might have to start wearing an actual suit. :( [AllThingsD]

Lawmakers are already trying to ban Google Glass while driving. One step at a time, everyone. [CNET]

Hey all you people who care about privacy: look what you did to Google Reader! [AllThingsD]

The Winklevii are back, and they have a nicer Silicon Alley office than you. [New York Times]

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Eric Schmidt Told Chuck Schumer That Google Gets More Productivity Per Worker In NYC Than Mountain View


Senator Chuck Schumer dropped an interesting factoid this morning at a breakfast co-hosted by The Association for a Better New York and the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association. Mr. Schumer was there to discuss recently authorized recovery funding for Hurricane Sandy, but offered some remarks on the state of New York’s tech industry.

During the Q&A period, Dawn Barber, cofounder of the New York Tech Meetup, asked Mr. Schumer what he thought of the role of the technology community would play in the city’s future. Read More

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New York City Is So Startup It Now Has a Chief Analytics Officer

Bon voyage and happy trails. (Photo: Screencap)

Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his final State of the City address. Amid wisecracks about the Knowles-Carter family (you might know Barclays Center part owner Shawn Carter “by what he’s been called since the Super Bowl: Beyoncé’s husband”), Hizzoner had plenty to say about the city’s tech sector. Hey, he can’t let President Obama totally blow up his spot.

Below, a few of the big shout-outs: Read More

Lobby 2.0

With an Eye on Citywide Elections, New York Tech Tests Its Political Klout Score


It’s never too early to start speculating about the next election cycle. So we’re calling it, less than a month into the new year: 2013 will be New York tech’s debut as a political force.

Tech moguls and politicians have always been willing bedfellows, of course. Last year, technophiles in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area outpaced “Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street moguls” in funding President Obama’s reelection campaign, according to a report from MapLight.com. On the other side of the aisle–like far, far to the right–Facebook investor Peter Thielalmost single-handedly” funded Ron Paul’s super PAC. After his fringe candidate dropped out of the race, Mr. Thiel donated $1 million to Club for Growth Action, a Tea Party super PAC. Read More

Planet GOOG

Get Your Internet On: Google Is Giving Free Wifi to Southwest Chelsea [UPDATED]

Google cofounder Sergey Brin modeling Glass.

Give it up for GOOG, boys and girls: Later this morning, the search behemoth is expected to announce an initiative to blanket southwest Chelsea with free Wifi. That’ll mean easier access to the Internet for not just Chelsea Market shoppers and Google employees, but also residents of the NYCHA-run Fulton Houses and several local public schools.

Nice to see someone getting after that digital divide. Read More


Booting Up: Sean Parker Is Now a Daddy

(Photo: flickr.com/leweb3)

Congrats to Napster cofounder and former Facebook president Sean Parker, who is now a proud papa. Earlier this week he and his fiancee welcomed a little girl named Winter Victoria Parker into the world. [US Weekly]

Google’s having a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg today–so of course everyone wants to know whether we’ll be getting Google Fiber. (Pretty please!) And the company is hiring a New York sales rep. [Business Insider]

Eric Schmidt isn’t the only Silicon Valley denizen venturing abroad this week. Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently ambling across China, meeting with the U.S. ambassador and other high-and-mighties. [TNW]

Several companies, including Logitech, have teamed up to create an “Internet of Things Consortium.” Righto. [TechCrunch]

Do you share a Netflix account with five other family members? Soon you’ll all be able to have your very own personalized profile–and here’s what it might look like. [GigaOm]

Myspace Tom went to Hawaii; ain’t you jealous? [Daily Dot]