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WeWork Labs Opens San Francisco Incubator, Starts Offering Health Insurance to All WeWork Members

WeWork Labs SF

WeWork Labs, the coworking space for early-stage startups, which moved to 17,000 square foot space in March, is planning on doubling its size. By July, the incubatorish offices will occupy both the third and fourth floor of 175 Varick Street. Applications are welcome for June, but it’s already at capacity now with more than 100 startups, including Longreads, Fitocracy, Scrollkit, and Material Wrld.

As suspected, WeWork Labs also officially announced its expansion into San Francisco, eWork cofounder Matt Shampine told Betabeat. The two-floor space, at 156 2nd Street, will hold about 100 people and open its doors May 14th with applications open immediately. Three directors have already been named: Kaitlin Pike, a RallyPad Mentor and the “charming host of #sfnightowls,” Seth Blank, founder and CEO of Trove, and Dave Nugent, a freelance Drupal developer who runs the SF JavaScript Meetup and GamesJS. Read More

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WeWork Expands, Again, Moving ‘Labs’ Experiment to 175 Varick

Rendering of the new office by WeWork architect Danny Orenstein.

WeWork Labs, the 50-person coworking experiment that at times seems more like an incubator, currently located at the Soho location of coworking network WeWork, will be moving to 175 Varick Street in February 2012. “We hope to take the current incubator format to the next level and will accommodate and mentor hand-selected tech companies in their different stages of growth,” Onepager cofounder and WeWork Labs handyman Matt Shampine told Betabeat by email. Read More

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Onepager Raises $350 K. from New York Angels


Onepager, the startup from Matt Shampine and the design team formerly known as Simande, just announced a seed funding round: $350,000 from New York angel investors Daniel Eskapa and Mark Birch. Mr. Birch, who has a similar portfolio of startups targeting small business, is now an adviser to the company.

With their launch party already behind them, Onepager is planning to use the money to market the product–a dead simple website builder for small businesses–and continue adding features. Next up: an embeddable widget that pulls in what people are saying about your company on social media.

Oh, and maybe use some cash to buy the coveted, which is owned by a large financial research company, Factset, that is essentially squatting on it. In the meantime, at least, the startup’s current URL, is the top result in Google for “onepager.” Read More

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Rumors & Acquisitions: Games Edition

criss angel

Do any of these rumors beat Betabeat’s random act of art last night? You be the judge:

MAGIC AND MAGICIANS: What is designer/angel/connector Matt Shampine doing in this photo tweeted today by Vegas showman Criss Angel with the caption, “In secret project meeting will reveal details about 1 of the projects this Sunday….” No idea what it could be, as Mr. Angel’s website is already maximum sick!

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