Booting Up: Is Google Building a Tower of Babble?

Pretty sure she's waving to the Street View team.

A report suggests Google is going to unite all its various chat products under the name “Babble.” We sincerely hope this is not part of another effort to make us all use Google+. []

“Sanders and Armstrong share something with the startup world as a whole: the arrogance of naivete. They see what they think is a problem. They think they’re the ones to solve it.” [Melville House]

Wait ’til the mayor sees this: There’s a couple of teens who review cigarettes on YouTube. Gross. [Daily Dot]

You can now climb every mountain with Google Street View. [L.A. Times]

Security researcher Brian Krebs tracked down the hacker who completely wrecked Mat Honan’s digital life. BRB, double-checking my two-factor authentication. [Ars Technica]

Booting Up: Identity Theft Nightmare Edition

Mr. Honan. (Photo:

The advent of the iPhone really upset the apple cart at Samsung. [All Things D]

Read Matt Honan’s hacking horror story, then, in a flurry of panic, immediately change all your passwords. [Wired]

People are happier with their tablets than their smartphones. Anything that doesn’t handle calls and therefore doesn’t drop them is automatically endearing. [CNET]

Here’s what the Mars Curiosity rover saw as it landed on Mars. [YouTube]

But for a a while you weren’t able to see that, because someone issued a takedown notice, despite the fact NASA’s footage is in the public domain. [Ars Technica]