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How to Sell Your Indie iPad App: Lessons From the No. 1 iPad App in the App Store

Mr. Capucilli.

Earlier today Betabeat posted a memo: How not to sell your indie iPhone game, a list of tactics that didn’t work. Matt Capucilli, a freelancer who lives in the East Village, built the no. 1 iPad app currently on sale. Video Time Machine, a curated collection of videos categorized by time period and type and just $.99, got picked up by Apple and featured in the App Store last Thursday. Since then, Mr. Capucilli has earned “what could be considered one person’s salary,” for an entire year.

The app beat out Angry Birds for iPad and the iPhone version is hovering at no. 2 in the entertainment category. “If we hit number one in the iPhone app store, it’s going to be over. Game over! Retirement!” Mr. Capucilli told Betabeat over beers at last night’s East Village Tech Meetup. Read More