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Here Are the Winners for NYC’s Gap App Challenge

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Earlier this year Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Department of Education teamed up to create the Gap App Challenge, an initiative aimed to bridge the gap in math performance among middle school students. They challenged app creators to compete for a $15,000 top prize, which would be awarded to the most effective and innovative apps that focus on middle school math and can be used by students, parents or teachers. Read More

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Wrathful Khan: Khan Academy’s Sal Khan Responds to Critical Post Editorial [Video]

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The pissing match between Mathalicious founder Karim Kai Ani and Khan Academy founder Salman “Sal” Khan is heating up! Today Mr. Khan responded to Mr. Ani’s recent Washington Post editorial which questioned the hype surrounding Khan Academy’s mission to tutor math students with free online videos and also criticized Mr. Khan’s teaching ability. Mr. Khan offered a new correction to Mr. Ani’s correction of the definition of slope (so meta!) and may have outed his critic as low-down dirty profiteer in his email response to Valerie Strauss, the anchor for the Post‘s Answer Sheet education blog: Read More

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Wrath About the Math of Khan: Puncturing Khan Academy’s Hype Balloon

Don't get struck by lightning when hanging with Bill Gates. (Photo: jurvetson)

We’re calling it: This Mystery Science Theater 3000 trolling  of Sal Khan’s Khan Academy videos, posted in June, was the beginning of an inevitable backlash against the breathless hype about Khan’s abilities as an instructor.

Today, in  “Khan Academy: The hype and the reality” in the Washington Post, math coach and Mathalicious founder Karim Kai Ani put some sting in the criticism with a much more direct, serious approach to criticizing the Bill Gates-backed “Messiah of Math”: Read More