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Airbnb for Yachts Is Now a Thing

Pretend to be Jay-Z and Beyonce, if only for a day. (Photo: We Got This Covered)

Not all of us can afford luxurious yachts on which to sunbathe and drink Moet and count our jewels, no matter how hard we wish to be Captain Larry Ellison. But a new startup in Athens, Greece wants to help everyone feel like a glamorous seafarer, if only for a day. Read More


Small Retailers Realize Amazon Probably Has Its Own Agenda

No way do we want Mr. Met in our bedroom. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon’s marketplace for third-party sellers can provide a major distribution boost for small retailers. But, as the Wall Street Journal outlines today, selling through the ecommerce goliath comes with a cost. Some retailers are claiming that Amazon basically uses the platform as means of figuring out what to sell and how much it should cost.

Shocker: The Internet’s very own Wal-Mart isn’t wholly a friend to the little guy. Color us dumbfounded.

For example, one small retailer started selling plush NFL mascots (adorably dubbed “Pillow Pets”) in the marketplace. They were doing a pretty good business, until Amazon started stocking them at the same price, and as a featured product.

“I tried lowering the prices, but Amazon would always match my price or go lower until I eventually gave up” competing on price, says the owner. Yeah, out-cost-cutting Amazon probably isn’t going to work.  Read More