Why Did These Dating App Founders Turn Down the Largest Offer in ‘Shark Tank’ History?

The Kang sisters pitch their dating app to the Sharks. (ABC)

A few years ago, sisters Dawoon, Arum and Soo Kang launched Coffee Meets Bagel: a dating site that serves users a potential match—or “bagel”—every day at noon. Users have 24 hours to decide whether they’ll “like” or “pass” on a match, and can only start messaging once they’ve both approved each other.

The Kang sisters pitched their dating app on Friday night’s episode of Shark Tank, where, after turning down the largest offer in the show’s history, they walked away empty-handed.

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Betabeat chatted with Dawoon to learn more about her and her sister’s experience. Read More

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Why Is LinkedIn Emailing Us About Mark Cuban’s 6-Year-Old Colonoscopy?

"I can't repeat this often enough ..." (Photo: Wikipedia)

We’ve never paid particularly close attention to LinkedIn’s “Influencer” feature, which lets average Joe Job Hunter follow the public profiles of so-called Thought Leaders, mostly politicians and executives who use LinkedIn as a platform to share business insights.

Sure, we can understand why a business leader might choose the professionalized audience at LinkedIn over, Read More


Mark Cuban Just Wants Facebook to Admit It’s ‘A Huge Time Suck’

"BLERG." -- Mark Cuban. (Photo: flickr.com/yoderbaum)

What must Facebook do to placate Mark Cuban? First, the Dallas Mavericks owner complained the company’s push for promoted posts was driving brands away. But now that the social network has introduced a new pages feed, he still isn’t happy. This morning–at 1:18 a.m., to be precise–he published a blog post with the teasing title of, “What I Really Think About Facebook.”  Short versions: Drop the chairs and the “only connect” nonsense and admit it’s just a great, honking waste of time. So of course fans of the Dallas Mavericks Facebook page want to see every incidental update!

First, Mr. Cuban points out what Facebook has to say about how Newsfeed, Engagement and Promoted Posts work and why they filter the firehose. “FB believes that their news feed is an engaging information source. They seem to really, really want to make sure that you get the information that is most engaging to you,” he writes. “I honestly didn’t know this.” (Emphasis decidedly his.) Read More

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Mark Cuban Pats Facebook CFO on the Back for Pricing Shares As High as Possible

"BLERG." -- Mark Cuban. (Photo: flickr.com/yoderbaum)

This morning, Dealbook honcho Andrew Ross Sorkin made his case for the villain in the melodrama that is Facebook’s bungled IPO: CFO David Ebersman, who gave the $38 offering price the go-ahead. His excessive optimism–so goes the argument–flooded the market with overpriced shares, which have since lost half their value, and now there’s no upswing in sight, and that means Mr. Ebersman, at the very least, deserves a public calling-out.

Well, Mark Cuban thinks that’s bullshit.

In a new blog post titled “Facebook Handled Its IPO Exactly Right,” he calls Mr. Sorkin’s conclusion “180 degrees wrong” then goes on an absolute tear in defense of Facebook’s IPO pricing. Short version: It’s not David Ebersman’s job to make sure you don’t lose money betting on Facebook.  Read More