Booting Up: Sheryl Sandberg Almost Blew Up Yahoo’s Purchase of Tumblr

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

The departure of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was neither “planned nor as smooth as portrayed.” How befitting of the company. [AllThingsD]

Amazon Web Services went down for an hour Sunday and crippled Vine, Instagram and AirBnB. [GigaOM]

This unauthorized biography of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer sheds more light on the Tumblr purchase. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg left David Karp a voicemail that almost curtailed the deal. [Business Insider]

Netflix wants to remind you again that its ratings are irrelevant, dammit. [LA Times]

Of course Google is designing “self-driving robo taxis” because not even Uber is safe from the search giant’s impending world takeover. [CNet]

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Rumor Roundup: Marissa Mayer Gets the Vogue Treatment and One Startup CEO Swears He’ll Cry at JOBS

Ms. Mayer at the Met Ball in 2010. (Photo: Tumblr)

The CEO exit Marissa Mayer, the flaxen-haired Yahoo CEO with the machine gun giggle, got the feature treatment in the September issue of Vogue. In a six page spread published online today, readers are greeted with a photo of the ex-Googler awkwardly stretched out on a chaise lounge donning a navy blue shift, her own visage glowing from an iPad she’s holding. Read More

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When Yahoo Swooped In, Tumblr Was Down to $16.6M in the Bank

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 1.48.35 PM

Now that Tumblr’s been welcomed into Yahoo’s purple bosom, David Karp’s days of wheedling venture capitalists are over. If the company hadn’t sold, though, Mr. Karp would’ve been doing a lot of door-knocking with his hat out, because it turns out the company had just $16.6 million left at acquisition. (It’s also a question just how much ads were bringing in.)

Pretty sure there are rinky-dink jungle airstrips with longer runways. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Uber Delivers Ice Cream to the (Sorta) Stars, Today Tries Glass, and What Happened in Iceland?


Memories Earlier this week, Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer sat down to a breakfast at Balthazar (as one does). There he was, (presumably) minding his own business, when out of nowhere a pain au chocolat arrived with an ominous note on the house stationary: “I Know What You Did In Reykjavik.” The author signed the note with only a question mark. Read More


Booting Up: Marissa Mayer’s First Year at Yahoo!, Gowalla Cofounder Exits Facebook

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It’s been one year since Marissa Mayer was installed as Yahoo!’s CEO but aside from a reversal in stock (that’s up 70 percent), critics charge that there hasn’t been much of a turnaround. [Wall Street Journal]

Gowalla cofounder Josh Williams is soon leaving Facebook to work on a new startup. [AllThingsD]

Apple is supposedly creating some elaborate ad-skipping television technology that would compensate media companies. [Jessica Lessin]

Shipments of Google Chromebooks could spike in the latter half of the year because of “weak demand” for Windows-powered machines. [CNET]

Hackers can tap into Verizon cellphones for $300. [NPR]

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Rumor Roundup: Tumblr Takes Over NASDAQ and Jack Dorsey Will Sell You This Pencil Sketch for $1,000

Art. (Photo: Dorsey)

Jack of all trades If you recently moved to a new apartment and are looking for some non-Ikea works to spruce up the place, Twitter cofounder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has just the item for you. The creative Mr. Dorsey has put a pencil drawing he did up for sale on Square’s marketplace. For just $1,000, you can own a 4-panel pencil sketch of a gingko leaf, appropriately signed by “@jack.” But you might want to wipe that sneer off your face: the proceeds go directly to Charity:Water, so we don’t think Mr. Dorsey will be launching a personal moneymaking venture as an artist anytime soon. Read More

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Think of All the Glue Guns and Beads from Michael’s Brit Morin Can Buy With Her $6.3 M. Series A

Brit Morin

Mini Martha and ex-Googler Brit Morin is expanding her arts and crafts empire with a fresh $6.3 million Series A, according to Business Insider. Ms. Morin, who’s married to Path cofounder Dave Morin and is known for creating colorful drawings on restaurant table cloths, raised the round from a number of bold-faced names, including Lerer Ventures and Marissa Mayer. Read More

Yahoo for Yahoos

Is Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Splintering Into ‘Have and Have-Nots’?

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As part of her attempt to drag Yahoo into the twenty-first century, kicking and screaming if necessary, CEO Marissa Mayer is heavily emphasizing mobile. (Because duh.)

But according to the New York Post, Ms. Mayer’s priorities have created a kind of class system within the Sunnyvale-based company. “It’s a bit of a have and have-nots situation,” according to one anonymous source.

The Post reports: Read More


Booting Up: It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Word Up Magazine


Is Vine going to run into the same legal headaches as early hip hop? [GigaOm]

Searching for a framework to explain the conflict between wearable tech pros and opponents, Nick Bilton went with Dr. Seuss. [New York Times]

“They want teenage kids posting up all the stupid duck face photos that they litter Instagram and Facebook with. Because those teen kids, are ad revenue.” [Infinite Hollywood]

Speaking of Yahoo: The company has bid somewhere between $600 and $800 million for Hulu, because Marissa Mayer’s apparently got money burning a hole in her pocket. [AllThingsD]

The Internship is weird. “Google needs that now. This movie could help keep them out of the penalty box a little while longer.” [L.A. Times]