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Instapaper Puts Free App Out To Pasture


Marco Arment delivered his diatribe on the death of Instapaper’s free app today. It’s amazing just how different his approach to business is from his former employer, Tumblr.

Because Instapaper is an ongoing service, as opposed to a game you download once that doesn’t require updates, users represent a continued cost to Arment. Even over time, he doesn’t feel most would add up to $3.50 worth of ad impressions. Read More

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Android vs Apple – Investor vs Developer

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There has been an interesting little debate going on between two New York heavyweights over which mobile operating system is the best platform on which to build a new business. The dispute reveals the dichotomy between different poles in the tech industry when it comes to the future of mobile.  Read More


App Knockoffs Thrive On Google’s Watch


Google’s “automatic approval” policy for the Chrome Web Store and Android App Market is great for growing the number of available apps. But the low barrier to entry also means developers can sneak in with apps that are malicious or buggy.

It also means developers can coast on someone else’s good name. Read More