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What to Measure? The Question Journalism Has to Answer

A few months ago I wrote an article for a website where the standard agreement for writers is a bonus incentive on social shares for the article. This was both usual, and unusual for a lot of reasons.

First, most websites don’t pay writers anything. A good portion of writing online is done for exposure (which a lot of people laugh at but content marketing can be hugely lucrative and I encourage my clients to do it). So that was slightly unusual. What was more standard was the fact that for a site that did pay, the payment was partially contingent on page views (there was a bonus for how many social shares the article got). Read More


Booting Up: Vine Begins Rolling Out Vanity URLs Tomorrow

Goodbye friends. (Photo: WNYC)

Rachel Haot, the city’s chief digital officer, doesn’t need to worry about her future employment plans. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has hired her to take a similar in his administration.  [New York Times]

Bow down: Unless your name is Beyonce, people are done buying your stupid music online. [AllThingsD]

Tomorrow morning, Vine users will start having the option of creating their own URLs utilizing their usernames. [The Next Web]

Even hackers will do anything to bypass pay walls. This time, they reportedly hacked into the Washington Post‘s servers and had access to employee’s usernames and passwords. [Daily Dot]

Both CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Marc Andreessen are selling millions of their Facebook shares. [BI]


Booting Up: You May Now Makeout With the Digg Reader iOS App


Digg Reader, which many bloggers would like to kiss on the mouth, is now available as an iPhone app. [TechCrunch]

Three key figures in the technology world were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame yesterday: storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, the late hacktivist Aaron Swartz and open source deity (and foot thing eater) Richard Stallman. [Business Insider]

A young Icelandic man who served as a long-time Wikileaks volunteer was actually a double agent, passing information about Wikileaks onto the FBI in exchange for $5,000. Cheap date. [Wired]

In case you didn’t already transfer your X-rated material over to Tumblr, Google doesn’t want you to make money off of your porny Blogger account. [The Verge]

PayPal has launched an initiative (read: viral marketing scheme) to help tackle payments in space. Makes sense, given how much its cofounder Elon Musk is invested in making it to Mars. [PayPal blog]

New York-based network TV streaming service Aereo is launching in Chicago in September. [Deadline]


Marc Andreessen Says One Day People Will Feel ‘Naked and Lonely’ Without Google Glass


Is Marc Andreessen trying to get someone to write a dystopian novel about our constantly connected near future? Because short of total environmental collapse, it’s hard to imagine a world bleaker than what he described today on CNBC. He thinks that one day soon, people will feel “cut off from the world” without their face computers/digital pacifiers.

He told CNBC: Read More

The Singularity Isn't Here

Your Cat Photos Do Not Impress Peter Thiel

Come on, peter,

How many times does Peter Thiel have to tell you that unless your startup disrupts death or advances the singularity, he’s just not that impressed?

CNN Money reports that Mr. Thiel took the conference stage with Twitter investor Marc Andreessen earlier this week. And while he’s pretty sure that Twitter will still be around in 10 years, and he thinks the company’s $10 billion valuation is fair, he just can’t get all that excited about it.

He told the crowd:  Read More

Sex and the Valley

Marc Andreessen Helps Us Understand Why Silicon Valley Investors Flock to ‘Cougar Night’ at the Rosewood

(Photo: Charlie Rose)

The Rosewood Hotel on Sand Hill Road, conveniently nestled near almost every important VC firm in the Valley, has long been a hotspot for wealthy VCs to meet potential mates. This is due in part to love concierge Amy Andersen, founder of the super stealth matchmaking company Linx Dating. She helped cultivate an unofficial “Cougar Night” at the hotel after setting up a meet-and-greet there for her wealthy clients in 2009. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Dear Vanity Fair, a Word About Your Best Dressed List

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.43.41 AM

That Sergey Brin sighting amid the hedgerow at Vanity Fair‘s Oscar party must have gone to the glossy’s head. Today, they attempted to catalog “Silicon Valley’s Most Stylish.”

Try as Jack Dorsey might with his “modified Mandarin collars,” this is a crowd that once compared its colorful sock flair to boardroom “gang signs,” so the bar was already low–especially considering that the New York Times already marked and tagged the every pair of Louboutins in the Bay Area. Read More