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Fitness Apps Might Be Selling Info About How it Takes You 20 Minutes to Run That One, Sad Mile

Fact: the full benefits of this workout will not kick in until it is tweeted. (Photo: Getty)

Unless you’re one of those annoying people who loves working out and tweeting about it, chances are you find fitness apps to be annoying at best and shame-inducing at worst. And now, it’s been revealed that some fitness and health apps could be selling your bodily deets to insurance companies and advertisers, making them even more nefarious.

And here we thought companies produced free apps because they just love shaming us for our dietary choices. Nope, it turns out they’re out to make money, too. Read More

Sorry About All App

MapMyRUN: ‘Traffic Did Compromise the App Experience’

marathon app

Betabeat just got a response from a representative for MapMyRUN, the app created for the New York City Marathon. Users were disappointed when the app, which cost $3, failed to track runners as promised. The app now has a one-star review in both the App Store and Android Market. As we suspected, MapMyRUN wasn’t adequately prepared for the amount of activity on the day of the race. Read More