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New Startup TheStylisted Lets You Summon Hair and Makeup Stylists to Your Home

Cofounders Lauren Katzenberg and Julia Carmona. (Photo via TheStylisted)

Sometimes there arises a point in a gal’s life when she needs hair and effing makeup, dammit.

And sometimes — actually, most of the time — that point arises on an incredibly busy day and on pretty short notice.

This being a first-world problem, there’s now a startup that solves it. TheStylisted is a mobile app and website that allows you to pick from an impressive array of stylists and enjoy their services at home.

It’s similar to the on-demand blowout app Glamsquad, with a few differences. TheStylisted offers makeup services while Glamsquad currently only does hair. Also, you can select your own stylists on TheStylisted. With Glamsquad, the booking process is quicker, but you don’t have a say in who comes to do your hair. Read More

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Get a Sneak Peek of the New Nars Line on Snapchat (If You Can Locate Their Account)

(Photo: Getty)

Orgasm-blush-inventor Nars is rolling out a new makeup collection at noon today via Snapchat–which is cool, if you can figure out how to follow them on the app.

We at Betabeat know our way around most social media platforms, especially self-destructing-selfie-app Snapchat. But finding Nars or any other brand on the app is tougher than evading unwanted dick pics. When we tried to search for Narsissist, it didn’t look like the account existed. We were able to add it anyway, but it didn’t have any top friends and didn’t appear to be a real account. Read More

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YSL Runs Out of Ideas, Creates Facebook-Inspired Eye Shadow

Courtesy: Kiss and Makeup

Be honest: Facebook’s sleek blue and white color scheme is a fashion inspiration in your life. It is therefore only natural that you’d want to adorn your body with colorful evidence of your fandom.

Luckily, thanks to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, you can now wear Facebook on your eyelids.

Starting July 19th, YSL will release 1,650 of their Facebook-inspired “Devoted to Fans” eye shadow palettes, featuring blue, purple, white and grey shadows. Read More