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Real Life Storage Wars: Makespace Beefs With Manhattan Mini Storage

The offending ad. (Screengrab via Manhattan Mini Storage)

When a startup comes along and rattles the corporate powers that be, those big companies rarely go down without a fight.

In the case of successful disruptors like Uber and Airbnb, the startups are punished with investigations and regulations. But in the case of storage startup Makespace, the new company is the one taking legal action — and, of course, publishing an angsty 2,000-word blog post about the situation, dramatically entitled, “When Goliaths Roar.”  Read More

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Startup Rundown: You Can Now Get A Degree In “Connective Media” And Spin Is Yet Another Group Video App

Cornell Tech's Connective Media class of 2016 (photo: flickr user whiteafrican)

Tech training Mayor Bloomberg joined Cornell NYC Tech earlier this week to announce a new degree program: a two-year master’s in “connective media.” Cool kids Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, betaworks, and Medium as well as old fuddies The New York Times and Hearst have all joined in collaboration with Cornell Tech to guide the tech innovation and entrepreneurship-centered Read More