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Brit Morin’s Got a Book Deal Because the Publishing Industry Has Never Heard of Pinterest

Brit Morin

Because an entire website dedicated to bedazzling T-shirts wasn’t enough for her legions of fans, America’s next top Girl Scout leader Brit Morin is now officially publishing a book.

Publishers Weekly broke the news, Valleywag reports. The book, HOMEMAKERS, will teach “the new generation of modern ‘homemakers’ how to use technology to enhance creativity,” PW said. But judging by a glance at the book proposal, it looks like “technology” in this case means “fancy colored lightbulbs.” Read More

Reality Bites

Show Biz Isn’t Done With You Yet, Startups: Here Comes Not-a-Reality-Show ‘Alley Girls’

Really, though?

The entertainment business has gotten wind of this whole startup thing and now there’s no getting rid of them. The latest attempt to cash in: a work-in-progress called “Alley Girls,” which is “a new series about women working and building companies in Silicon Alley.” Valleywag reports the project is currently seeking interviewees for a sizzle reel in the making, shooting next Thursday at the offices of Inc. and Fast Company.

But the creators (including Left Brain/Right Brain Productions) insist this isn’t anything like that Bravo travesty which shall remain nameless. No, they’d have us believe this is really more of a documentary project.  Read More


Gift Guide: The Best Books to Buy for the Technologist in Your Life

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Tubes, Andrew Blum

They make great presents, but books are deceptively difficult to give: You don’t want to buy some random bestseller off the front table at Barnes and Noble, but wander very far into the store and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. To lend a hand, we’ve combed through this year’s techie-targeted releases (and tossed in a couple of old favorites, as well). Read More