Occupy Protests in Spain Inspire Anonymous to ‘Operation Spain’

You'd think this was expected.

Large protests against austerity measures have roiled Spain as demonstrators rallied across Madrid on Tuesday. The protests were spawned by economic woes and have targeted politicians and government facilities.

They climaxed Tuesday night with protesters surrounding the Spanish congress building in action dubbed “Occupy Congress.” Clashes with police ensued, resulting in multiple arrests and fueling the wrath of Anonymous.

The hacktivists issued a press release expressing their solidarity with the Spanish occupiers and announcing a “Operation Spain” in support of their efforts.

Anonymous said the livestreams of “the horrendous brutality on the part of the Spanish National Police” against the protesters prompted the hackers to remove “from the Internet the web site of the Spanish National Police located at” They say the site will be kept offline as “long as we continue to watch scenes of brutality.”

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