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NYC Parents Use Uber to Deliver Their Precious Angels to Fencing Practice

Besties. (Photo: Getty)

Kids these days do enough extracurricular activities to make even adults with full-time jobs feel like lazy sacks of disappointment. You may wonder how the hell the city’s teens make it from “gymnastics on the pier” to “fencing practice” to Oliver and Sebastian’s joint quinceanera. Well, the New York Times can tell you: their moms are booking cars through Uber for them.

Guy Parkin is a blase 13-year-old with a busy schedule. “It’s a lot more reliable than a taxi,” he tells the Times. “I have to get around. I also have this Princeton Review thing that’s all the way up on Madison Avenue.” Ugh, tell us about it. Read More

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Jack Dorsey Offers Mayor Bloomberg a Job at Twitter’s First New York Office


Jack Dorsey took the stage with Mayor Bloomberg this morning and officially opened Twitter’s first New York office, just in time for Ad Week. “I want to thank the Mayor for his vision on creating 21st century jobs. I know you have an engineering degree, Mr. Mayor, and you may be looking for a new job soon. We’re hiring,” Mr. Dorsey said.

Mr. Dorsey offered a number of facts related to Twitter and the Big Apple. “New York has the most Twitter users of any city in the world and the biggest community of Twitter developers outside of California,” Mr. Dorsey said

Twitter has an upcoming “tea party” scheduled for developers at Betaworks and is eager to tap into the big brand dollars that are based here in New York. “Half a billion dollars have been invested into the Twitter ecosystem in the past year. As big brands look for better tools to harness the power of Twitter, we hope this ecosystem can address this need,” Mr. Dorsey said. Read More

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Facebook Plans to Schmooze Advertisers With Its Madison Avenue Startup Decor

This guy's not reading your texts. They promise.

Brush up on your ping-pong skills, advertisers, you’re about to get to get the Silicon Valley treatment.

With Advertising Week poised to take New York City, the New York Times reports that the sales and marketing teams of internet behemoths like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and yes Facebook are poised to make good on their Manhattan real estate investments. Although Twitter’s new Madison Avenue digs somehow don’t warrant a mention.

Rather than flying big brands out to the West Coast, they’ve set up shop in the Flatiron (Apple’s new iAd division), Times Square (Yahoo’s new digs), Madison Avenue (Facebook and Twitter are new neighbors), and don’t forget the Googleplex East on Eighth. Read More

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Facebook Beefs Up Its New York PR Staff With a Former Journo


In what looks like the logical extension of its recent lobbying efforts in Washington, Facebook is ramping up its PR staff in both New York and California. Influencing politicians? Check! Influencing the media? Give us a minute.

Like its “dream lobbying team” in DC, Facebooks’s new PR hires have a strong background in politics. Sarah Feinberg, a former assistant to President Obama, joined its communications team in Palo Alto where her new boss is none other than Clinton-era White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart. But it looks like Facebook is also looking at the media itself as a potential PR talent pool–Mr. Lockhart worked for NBC in Washington. And Facebook’s newest hire is Jennifer Yuille, who will be based in New York–a former producer for MSNBC and CNN. She left her gig as a producer for Katie Couric at the CBS Evening News last year to join Silicon Valley start-up Polyvore.

All Facebook says, “As the company continues to grow and it faces the usual pressures from competitors, regulators, politicians, and the like, Facebook will need professionals schooled in crisis communications and rapid response to react to a 24/7 news cycle.” But we think there might be another motivating factor. Read More


Twitter Splits Soho, Takes Facebook Space on Madison

More people prefer him. (Photo: Netflix)

Twitter, the Web’s biggest repository of personal oversharing, political dissent and tasteless self-promotion, is donning a suit and tie.

The little blue bird has been perching in a spartan, open-concept loft in Soho since November, searching for the perfect spot for its first New York City headquarters. Now The Observer has learned that it plans to sublease Facebook’s former digs at340 Madison Avenue, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. Read More