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Eric Schmidt Told Chuck Schumer That Google Gets More Productivity Per Worker In NYC Than Mountain View


Senator Chuck Schumer dropped an interesting factoid this morning at a breakfast co-hosted by The Association for a Better New York and the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association. Mr. Schumer was there to discuss recently authorized recovery funding for Hurricane Sandy, but offered some remarks on the state of New York’s tech industry.

During the Q&A period, Dawn Barber, cofounder of the New York Tech Meetup, asked Mr. Schumer what he thought of the role of the technology community would play in the city’s future. Read More

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Mayor Bloomberg Hosted a Press Conference for Startups at Buzzfeed Today, Because Why Not

The whole crew's here!

Guess Mayor Bloomberg isn’t going to close out his third term partying in swinging London, after all. Today in the hipper-than-thou surroundings of the BuzzFeed offices (BTW? sad lack of actual cats), he announced a new all-out, city-backed push officially expanding the “Made in NY” branding (created for the entertainment industry) to the tech business.

“We’re spreading the word, hopefully drawing even more tech companies to the five boroughs by taking a couple of steps today,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Companies with at least 75 percent of their production in the city now includes tech firms can apply to be “Made in NY” certified, meaning they can display that spiffy little logo (or as it was described in the announcement, the “mark of distinction”) on their site. Everybody’s getting stickers, in other words! Read More

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Made in Harlem? City College Gets an Incubator Devoted to Devices

Mr. Zahn. (Photo: CCNY)

We thought manufacturing had departed New York for the foreseeable future, and yet suddenly there’s a building boom right here in the five boroughs. Shapeways is building a factory out in Long Island City; now City College’s Grove School of Engineering is getting its very own incubator, focused on “devices and manufacturing,” the Daily News reports.

What’s next? We start eating local oysters again? (Yes, please.) Read More

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Mayor Bloomberg Unveils New Map to Chart the Locations and Job Openings of NYC Tech Companies

The Made in NY Digital Map

It was sticky and rainy outside, but scores of people showed up to see Mayor Bloomberg shake his tech pom-poms today at Internet Week HQ. The Mayor trudged to 82 Mercer to announce a new initiative alongside chief digital officer Rachel Sterne, NYCEDC president Seth Pinsky and–surprisingly–Josh Miller, the cofounder of Branch.

So what exactly did Mr. Mayor have up his sleeve? Turns out it was a new interactive map that displays the locations of tech companies around New York City. A sidebar also displays which of these companies are currently hiring. Read More