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Is ‘Apple Store Fever’ Trashing the Macy’s Flagship?

What are we, Lemon--farmers? (Photo:

The Macy’s flagship at Herald Square is currently in the process of a long overdue top-to-bottom renovation. She’s still a grand old lady, with her wooden escalators and gleaming elevators, but her finery was starting to look a little tattered and we wouldn’t want the place to eventually degrade into a Miss Havisham squatting next to Penn Station, now would we?

However, the New York Times reports that the proceedings have at least one preservationist a little alarmed. On a recent visit he noticed that the columns in the Broadway-facing “Great Hall” are missing their marble, and the chandeliers are gone. And upon whom does Theodore Grunewald cast blame for these developments? Apple, of course: Read More

Single Use Apps

Will Macy’s Parade App Succeed Where NYC Marathon App Failed?

macys app

It’s the era of disposable apps! New York-based MyCityWay just announced the release of the first official app for Android and iPhone that will supposedly enhance the experience of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The app is built to track the location of parade participants throughout the event, a feature similar to the core offerings of the New York City marathon app that crashed miserably after its servers were overloaded on the day of the event. Read More