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Survey Shows Over 97% of Tech Support Pros Use PCs

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IT pros have a stigmatized reputation of being mostly white, mostly male nerds who talk over our heads and never see the light of day. But when it comes to how they use computers — and which computers they use — we should probably pay attention. After all, they are the experts.

A new survey of IT pros shows that 97 percent are using either just a PC or both a PC and a Mac for their work, with only 3 percent using just Macs. This can likely can be explained by IT professionals who deal exclusively with Macs. On the other hand, a full 13 percent of Mac technicians don’t use any antivirus software, as opposed to a negligible two percent of PC users. Read More

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In China, Fake Apple Products Are an Acceptable Offering for Your Ancestors

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Every spring during the Qingming Festival, people in China honor their ancestors by cleaning and repairing their tombstones. Offerings are also made to the dead, typically consisting of food and drink, but because Chinese culture dictates that deceased relatives will need money and other material goods in the after life, many will also burn fake money or paper replicas of homes and cars as offerings. Read More

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Researchers Find New Mac Keylogging Trojan on Site About Dalai Lama

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Dockster is a recently discovered Mac-based malware program that functions as a keylogger, among other things. It’s also a trojan, which means it can hide on a host computer quietly recording every keystroke before it contacts a remote server for further instructions. Dockster is considered “low risk,” but it has been found embedded on–a site dedicated to the Dalai Lama.

F-Secure confirmed the infection and reported that Tibetan sites appear to be frequent targets for similar exploits: Read More


What’s More Alarming: Naming a Kid After Apple Software, or After 50 Shades?

I mean, WTF.

Hot on the heels of the rumor that some terrible, unfeeling parents have named their newborn Hashtag comes the news that names from Cupertino are the latest thing. The parenting website BabyCenter has released stats on the popularity of various names among the parents registered on the site, and The Next Web reports that Apple has increased its popularity 15 percent as a girl’s name. Siri (apparently a real Norwegian name) increased 5 percent. And among the lads, Mac jumped 12 percent.

Hang on–the littlest Yahoo’s name is Macallister, which you’d presumably shorten to Mac. What are you up to, Marissa Mayer? Read More

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Mac Users Are More Easily Persuaded to Part With Their Cash, Orbitz Realizes


Even as we speak, you are leaving digital bread crumbs scattered all over the Internet, there for the taking by marketers. Nor do the details have to be anything particularly consequential to translate into a money-making opportunity.

For example: Orbitz has realized that customers who visit its site from a Mac tend to spend more money on hotels. The company is therefore adjusting its search results accordingly.

Read More

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Bad News, Fanboys: Your Macs Aren’t Invincible, After All

He doesn't feel so good. (Wikimedia Commons)

Freedom from fear of viruses, malware, botnets, and other digital nasties has long been a major benefit of Mac ownership. But today brings sad tidings: That carefree attitude will soon be no more.

Of course, Macs were never protected by some super-secret security technology, but largely by simple lack of interest on the part of bad actors. Apple simply didn’t own a big enough slice of the market to make Macs worth their while. But those days are now done. Ars Technica reports that, in a press conference yesterday, Kaspersky Lab security researchers were blunt: “Mac OS X invulnerability is a myth.” Read More