David vs. Googliath

Here Are the Spammy Lyrics Sites Google Is Returning Instead of Rap Genius

Rap Genius

By now, you’ve heard about Google penalizing Rap Genius. The lyrical annotation site — whose bread-and-butter is its simple, reliable lyrics pages — is under fire for trying to juice their Google page rank with Justin Bieber links right before Christmas.

Google banned Rap Genius for the infraction — but a simple lyrics search proves this punishment is affecting Google’s product just as much as it’s hurting Rap Genius.

RG’s attempts at growth hacking came to light when a blogger leaked an email from Rap Genius cofounder Mahbod Moghadam wherein he asked the writer to append a series of links to Justin Bieber lyrics on rock.rapgenius.com, even though the post in question would likely have had nothing to do with the Bieb. Read More