Booting Up: The Beautiful But Deadly Emma Watson Edition

What, like we're going to Google a picture of her? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Warby Parker just raised [adjusts glasses] a $37 million round, reportedly led by General Catalyst Partners. [Fortune]

Toys “R” Us plans to sell its own tablet for the kiddies. [Wall Street Journal]

If you search “Emma Watson” online, there’s a good chance you’ll land on malware. Also, you may very well be kind of a creep. [Boston Globe]

Turns out even Google Fiber can’t magic away racial and economic fault lines. [New York Times]

Shit, remember the movie Sneakers? Oh, for the days when hackers had to leave their lairs! [Slate]

Cell your Soul

Nokia’s Q1 Earnings Are In: Apparently the Beta Test Isn’t Over After All


Nokia may have scored a couple points on the hip chart with their commercials featuring 30 Rock’s¬†Chris Parnell, but even Dr. Spaceman couldn’t save the company from continuing to be pigeonholed as that cheap brand for throwaway phones you buy during study abroad. Nokia’s Q1 earnings reports are in, and while the Lumia nabbed some pretty impressive reviews, its actual sales numbers have been a little less than impressive. Read More